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Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Hi Readers! So most of my friends know that I don't read tagalog novels, especially wattpad novels. No hates, it's just that I think they're not for me. I tried reading a wattpad novel once, but after the first chapter, I didn't try to continue. But this book changed it all. I know this isn't a wattpad book but it's a tagalog one, and I liked it. His works are probably the first and last tagalog books I'll read,but who knows?


Title: Para sa Hopeless Romantic

Author: Marcelo Santos III

Number of Pages: 148 

Genre: Romance, Young Adult

Publisher: Lifebooks

Published on: February 14th 2013 (first published January 1st 2013)

Format: Paperback


"Lahat ng tao ay may kanya-kanyang love story. Mga kwentong tayo mismo ang nagmimistulang manunulat. Mga sariling lovelife na nais nating magkaroon ng happy ending.
Ang unang nobelang ito ni Marcelo Santos III ay tungkol sa limang taong nakikipagsapalaran sa mundo ng pag-ibig -- isang umaasang babalikan, isang naghahangad na mahalin, isang natatakot umibig muli, isang nagsusumikap na makalimot at isang nag-aasam ng maligayang pag-iibigan.
Ang nobelang para sa mga taong iniwan at ipinagpalit, para sa mga taong naging panakip butas, para sa mga nangangarap na mahalin, para sa umaasang babalikan, para sa naghahangad ng happy ending at para sa mga Hopeless Romantic."

About the Author:

Marcelo Santos III is a graduate of Polytechnic University of the Philippines with the course of Bachelor in Advertising and Public Relations last 2011.

He started to write poems when he was still in high school. Most of his works involve comedic poems and short stories.

In the 20th day of December 2009, he started to write Love Story on Video(LSOV), a new way of storytelling, where the words are written in a blank video accompanied by a background music.

LSOV became popular in Facebook and Youtube and made a way for him to be known in the world of internet. Right now, he is a Blogger, Short Film Director/Writer and an Author.

Reach the author at:


Reading with Luigi gives Para sa Hopeless Romantic a

4/5 Books!

This book is so amazing! The cover is simple as well as the story behind it. Napakagaling ni Marcelo! The book is a very light read but it is not boring. It's about everyone who loves, but who doesn't love right? It's also very realistic and is full of life-lessons! But for those asking, I gave the book 4 ratings because of the short stories added. This edition has 3 short stories and that pulled the rating down. Napakagaling na yung story na binabasa mo, sinulat lang din pala ng characters. I really liked the way Marcelo gave justice to his characters even tho, I'm sure he hasn't experienced all of the situations in the story. 


One of the reasons why I like this book is because many of the scenes are unexpected. Gaya nalang nung muntik na masagasaan si Maria, akala ko maililigtas sya ni Ryan pero hindi, si Ryan yung naaccidente. In short this story contains irony. Akala ko rin na nung sinabi ni Maria na puro nakaitim yung tao, burol na ni Ryan yun; but no. Graduation pala nila yun. I also liked the way Jackie is very optimistic. The book is also full of life lessons from some characters such as Samuel and Jackie. I also liked the transition of Becca's perspective from bring bitter to Nikko to accepting the truth that she still loves Nikko. 

Favorite Quotes:

"Every oppurtunity na dumadating sa buhay natin ay isang one big shot. Parang last three seconds sa basketball. Hawak mo ang bola. It's either ipapasa mo sa iba o ititira mo na lang." - Samuel
"May mga bagay sa mundo na hindi laan para sa atin. May mga hiling at dasal na hindi kailanman mangyayari. Pero kaya nga may salitang pag-asa... Kaya Go Fight lang sa lahat ng ninanasa." - Jackie

*Note : For those who are wondering why I used the Tagalog Language in some sentences, it is because I'm pretty sure people who can only speak Tagalog will read the book. And the best answer to that is THE BOOK IS ACTUALLY WRITTEN IN TAGALOG LANGUAGE*

I am also excited for the movie! According to Viva Films; James Reid, Nadine Lustre, Julia Barretto, Inigo Pascual, Shy Carlos, and Aj Muhlach are the stars of the movie! I'm excited! We can talk about it over the comments section!

Sunday, October 12, 2014


Hi Readers!

I am apologizing for this blog's absence for about 2 weeks.

As many of you know, I am just a High School Student..

And as far as I know all students know that October is Exam/Finals Month.

We need to submit tons of projects, reports, notes and prepare for the 2nd Quarterly Exams.

So, I hope all of you will understand!

Today, is Sunday!

So will talk about another awesome shop!

Wonder what shop it is?

Let's find out!

During the day before #JennAndLissaInPH I confirmed that I will not be able to attend Jenn's booksigning...

and I was so sad because I thought I woudn't get my book signed...

but God is Good!

As I was searching my feed in Instagram. I passed by @travelreaders' post

which indicates that she is already preparing for the booksiging and she is still accepting orders!

I was so happy so I immediately placed my order!

So today we'll talk about @travelreader !

Roxanne Lucero is the owner of @travelreader

                      (c) owner

Roxanne became a friend of mine. She is very very funny. And she tries her best to fulfill her promises. I ordered The Geography of You and Me from her, but because of the rush we thought that she wouldn't find a copy, but because of her, I got my copy and its Signed!

            (c) owner. Roxanne's picture.
                            (c) Owner. My picture.

So of course, I had an interview with her for you guys!

"What pushed you to sell books?" I asked.

"I pursue selling books because I want people to get into reading. It started with my friends actually, they are so curious why I instantly change my currently reading book. And how my mood depends on the books. Then wallah! Came an idea of selling books to them and to the instagramers. 

For the signed books, I choose to sell them because of the knowledge that not everybody who is a fan of that certain author. Due to work and school or other personal reasons some cannot really go so I take a step to help them.

Selling isn't all about gaining profit, it is also an act of helping others" she replied.

"Why did you choose Insatgram account for your shop instead of sulit?"

"I choose to put my shop's account in insta because most of the teens are there and most of the teens I know are into reading. Another reason is I don't have a sulit account. I don't feel signing up in that account"

"At first, were you hesitating to continue selling books on IG?"

"Yes of course. We all know how dangerous online shopping can be, but still I pursue it because I want to achieve my goal to help."

"What do you think is the reason why you're shop has been receiving positive feedbacks based on your posts?" I asked.

"As a tourism student it is in our nature to build relationships with clients because we are frontliners. Also, as I build relationship to my clients the more I understand the situations or problems they encounter like, they cannot pay at the exact date or they'd cancel order.  I also ship early and I accept personalized signed books." 

"What do you love most about selling books?" 

"What I love in selling books is influencing them to read more. I also like sharing thoughts about books with my clients especially the feels. But most importantly I like to help them in their bookish needs." She replied.

"What do you hate most about selling books?" 

"What i hate about selling books are the bogus buyers and bogus suppliers. I hate lying people. Hatest scenario is when you are being patient in giving them time to pay then suddenly they'd disappear in a blink of an eye."

"What do you think makes you unique from the other shops?"

"My shop is featuring signed books. Personalized signed books. I love selling those because I want my clients to be as happy as I am when my books are signed. Unfortunately not all can go to signing events so I made a decision to help them get their books signed even though they'll not buy the books from my shop."

"Have you received negative feedbacks before? How do you handle it?"

"As of now, I haven't recieved a negative feedback. I know that sometime in my business career my shop will encounter this problem, but I prepare for it and will think of the ways to handle it."

"How did you manage all the hard work being a book seller?" 

"It is really frustrating especially on meet ups. But all I have in mind is helping ang doing my job. I take things as challenges in order for me to achieve goals in life. Being a book seller is tough, but not all things are easy in life so I took it as a challenge that needs to be accepted."

"If you can change a thing with your shop what would it be? And why?" I asked.

"I'd change my selling scheme. I want to have more books to be sold. Not only preloved and signed but also regular and rare books. Well first I need to have a book supplier who I can trust. Second I need  advertisments too." 

"If you could bring three books (you, being a reader) in an island, what would you bring?" 

"I'd bring a bible, my journal and my book of poems." She replied.

"And why?" 

"Bible because if I am in an island alone, all I can talk to is God and in him I am restless and I feel safe.

My journal. I want to reflect in my life. In everything I've done for the past years and find things that I can improve.

Book of poems. I love poetry and I write everything in my life through poems. Through this I can see what is beyond and behind my words and how deep my perspective is. And defintely I'll write more as I experience things inside the island" she ended.

So, that's it!

Hope you like today's topic!

Again, I'm very sorry for being unactive.

But I'll try my very best to keep you guys updated!

You can follow me on these accounts = @readingwluigi (twitter) & @readingwithluigi (instagram)

Bye Guys!