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Hi! This page would contain every official social media I own both blog-related and personal-related. 

Paradoxical Grenade Social Media Accounts

All of my official Paradoxical Grenade Social Media Accounts are actually linked on the sidebar, simply click the name of the social media you want to follow me in and then you'll be redirected to my official accounts! But if you happen to want to see the lists here they are! And for your convenience, simply click my username/name for the certain social media platform, and you'll be redirected to my accounts!

INSTAGRAM: @paradoxicalgrenade

TWITTER: @paradox_grenade

BLOGLOVIN: @paradox_grenade

PINTEREST: @paradox_grenade

Personal Social Media Accounts

My personal social media accounts will often be used for this blog. For some social media platforms, I have decided to run a single account for both my personal and blogger life since I'd probably find it hard managing so many accounts at the same time. For the lists of my personal accounts, here it is!

INSTAGRAM: @luigimacapagal

TWITTER: @luigi_macapagal

SNAPCHAT: @luigimacapagal

GOODREADS: @readingwithluigi

YOUTUBE: Matt Luigi

GOOGLE +: Matt Luigi

That is it for my social media accounts! I will update this page every once in a while if changes happen. 

Just a quick reminder, if you want the professional blogger-ish guy, then I suggest that you stick to my Paradoxical Grenade Social Media Accounts and maybe my personal instagram account. Do not go to my personal snapchat account if you want professionalism, I repeat DO NOT go to my personal snapchat account! Haha.

What else? I hope that you drop by these social media accounts of mine and maybe like, follow, and add if it's convenient for you. I'd love to talk to you guys on these social media platforms.

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