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Sunday, August 2, 2015


Hi Readers! I have another review for you guys!

Official Cover (c) Publisher


Title: All We Have is Now

Author: Lisa Schroeder

Number of Pages: 272

Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Friendship

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

Published on: July 28, 2015

Format: ARC, expected to be Jacketed Hardcover

Price: $ 17.99 (Amazon, B&N), $ 18.93(BD)
*Prices may change due to different sales/offers.

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"What do you do with your last day on earth? 
Just over twenty-four hours are left until an asteroid strikes North America, and for Emerson and everyone else who didn't leave, the world will end. But Emerson's world already ended when she ran away from home. Since then, she has lived on the streets, relying on her wits and on her friend Vince to help her find places to sleep and food to eat.
The city's quieter now that most people are gone, and no one seems to know what to do as the end approaches. But then Emerson and Vince meet Carl, who tells them he has been granting people's wishes -- and gives them his wallet full of money. 
Suddenly, this last day seems full of possibility. Emerson and Vince can grant a lot of wishes in one last day -- maybe even their own."

About the Author:

Lisa Schroeder is the author of over a dozen books for kids and teens, including the YA novels I HEART YOU, YOU HAUNT ME and ALL WE HAVE IS NOW and the middle grade novels IT'S RAINING CUPCAKES and MY SECRET GUIDE TO PARIS. She loves tea and cookies, flowers, family hikes, books and movies that make her laugh and cry, and sunshine. Living in Oregon, she doesn't get nearly enough sunshine, but the hikes are amazing. You can visit her online at www.lisaschroederbooks.com or on twitter at @lisa_schroeder.

Reach the author at:


*I'd like to thank Ms. Lisa Schroeder for giving me an ARC of this book*

First of all, can we admire the gorgeous cover of this wonderful book? It's freakin' beautiful, isn't? If you don't find it even attractive then, you got problems. LOL. To be honest, the cover is the main reason why I checked this book on goodreads. The cover is exceptionally great. Two thumbs up for the artist for such covers! 

The synopsis, yes the wonderful synopsis. The synopsis is simply beautiful. It's very catchy. Just reading the first line alone will make you wonder, it'll make you excited about this book. The synopsis is a good start for the book. It gives off what the book has. I just wish that the synopsis were not to focused on Emerson and Vince, because believe me there are a lot more interesting characters in the story. I feel like the synopsis is appropriate and is wonderful for the book but it doesn't even have a glimpse of amazing events that happened in the book. Not that it's a bad thing, but a synopsis that long? They kinda focused on a part of the story, which is until now I'm contemplating, if it's a good or a bad thing. 

The beginning was quite confusing. The narration was a little bit different than what I used to read. The information was given off a lot of times that it kept on flying away. It's like each detail was competing on who will be noticed first. I was also not used to third person point of view, which may be the reason why the beginning of the story wasn't much appealing to me. The characters was also convincing at first. Vince and Emerson are boy names for me. Actually, until now, I feel confused. I'm not saying that third person pov is bad, it kind of actually made me grow as a reader. 

The story got more interesting as I became familiar with the characters, the setting, the time period, the condition of their place, and all of that things. I love how things progress from one scene to another. The new set of characters every scene is a great addition to the story. This book has a lot more characters than you think. Interesting characters with different personalities that develop the story. I love how the characters vary. These characters represents human beings being imperfect and how everyone want happiness. Everyone would surely recognize a bit of themselves in the pages of this book. I would love to tell you guys a lot more about the characters but this post is, and should be spoiler-free.

The story is unique in a way. Of course, it's not a new thing that a lot of similar stories or essays revolve around the topic 'what would you do on your last day?' but the fact that you got your wish and your last day seems to be filled with limitless possibilities in real life, is a new thing for me. The fact that they sort-of had their wish come true and they can grant a lot of wishes made the day interesting and added volume to the story.

The story made me think, made me realize a lot of things about life, made me give importance to 'now' even more, it made me love what I have 'now' even more, it made me a better person. 

Fans of John Green will like this story. At least, I think so. It's quite similar to the oblivion and metaphors just like in John Green's "The Fault in Our Stars". The author also used word variations and is not too redundant on the words she used. It's like the author is trying to say a wide topic with the use of different words. I also noticed a lot of book references. It made the book a lot more sensible and quite developed a character's personality. (Again, can't tell. No spoilers.)

I also love the poetry! You'll come across a lot of poetry here. The mixture of stories and poems made the story more effective than it would have been. Though, some poems were quite hard to understand. I also wish that the poems were less shown than what is in the book. A thumb up for that idea and for the love of poems!

The ending. To be honest, the ending isn't the best. It's quite disappointing considering that I loved the characters, the 'actual' story, the flow, the form, and all of that. The ending had events, events which I believe could have been utilized much effectively to make the story more interesting. The ending also happened too fast. The ending was great. It's very true to life, but it's somehow too predictable. I had problems on how the story ended. While reading the book, I expected a lot of great possibilities, and yes one of them happened, but it happened in the most boring, simple, and dull way. The ending sort-of pulled down my rating for the book.

General wise, I loved the cover, characters, poems, flow, events, settings, in the story. I find the ending a little bit dull.

All We Have is Now is a YA novel that tackles about the importance of 'now'. It teaches us to appreciate what we have, and accept our failures. It is about family, relationships, helping others, in your possible last day. 

Reading with Luigi gives All We Have is Now by Lisa Schroeder a:

3.7/4 Books!
The book is recommendable. A light and fun read.

Favorite Quotes:

"Nothing lasts forever." page 17
"How can something inevitable be so hard to accept?" page 80
"'You know that saying, 'Ignorance is bliss'?' she asks him.'Yes''Well, sometimes ignorance is also necessary for one's sanity. And since it's one of the few things I have in my possession at the moment, I'm not quite ready to give that up.'" page 84
"You are the complete opposite of pain." page 126
"She was mad at that time, I get that. But it's not the same world it was then, Em. And besides, time has this magical ability to change things. Just because something is true then doesn't mean it's true today. I know it's hard to believe in magic, but I think it's time for you to try. I never want to hurt you. You know that." page 135
"Why is it that people think remembering something good will make them happy? Because a lot of times, remembering something good just makes you sad you're not back there, instead of here." page 162
"'The past is past. It's gone, you know? It doesn't matter anymore.' He pauses. 'All we have is now. Right now." page 194
"'Nothing makes much sense, does it?' she asks. 'I mean, really, what do we know for sure except that right now, in this moment, we're standing here, breathing? The rest, who knows? Let's stop asking questions. Let's just stop trying figure out everything and simply be happy we're here. What do you say?'" page 247


So that's it for today's post!

Have you read the book? Planning to read it? Comment down below what you think!

Once again, thank you to Ms. Lisa for giving me an ARC of this book and congratulations on your release! Show her some love!

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