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Sunday, June 5, 2016


Hello wonderful readers! 

For today I have a book haul for you! It's actually my May Book Haul as you can probably tell by the title of this post. I kinda skipped April just because I only got a book that month and that was during the last few days of April so I just included that book on my May book haul!

Anyway, without further ado, let's begin!

As you can probably tell, I have accumulated 4 books the past month. Now, in terms of quantity this is not one my biggest book hauls ever, but in terms of quality, this is probably one of the book hauls I am most excited about. 

This book haul contains books I am pretty much excited about. Books from famous content creators that I actually look up to and novels I've heard good things from. I am highly anticipating these books and I am so excited to finally be able to read them!

The first book from the pile is Ready Player One by Ernest Clide.

Ready Player One is a book that is loved by almost everyone. It got a goodreads' rating of 4.31 stars which pretty much means this is an amazing book. 

From what I can tell, this is a futuristic world set in which reality is messed up. It follows our main protagonist, Wade Watts into trying to solve the puzzles and mysteries in a virtual utopia called OASIS. At the end of these puzzles are fortunes and prizes that other players would kill for. And this book is basically about Wade Watts trying to survive and finish the game.

If that's not enough to make you interested, I don't know what will. All I know is that some of my favorite people in the book community including Jesse from jessethereader, Ariel Bisett, Marie Lu, and Rainbow Rowell gave this book a perfect score and I pretty much value their opinions. I am so excited to dive straight into this book! Oh, and by the way, I got this book at Fully Booked for Php 565.00 which I think is a pretty fair deal for a book highly talked about.  

The next book I got was the book I purchased during the end of April, it's The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness.

Now, Patrick Ness is an author which people seems to rave about. But upon further research after purchasing this book without looking it up online, this book is not Patrick Ness' best book according to the internet. It got an average score of 3.8 on goodreads and received mixed reviews. Nonetheless, the main reason why I picked this book up was entirely because of its synopsis and cover so I'm still pretty much excited to dive in.

Basically, this book is about those who are usually not noticed. About those who aren't the chosen one. Those who aren't the main protagonist. The normal people in a magical world. We follow Mikey, who's a teenager who just wants to graduate and go to prom with the girl she likes. This book is about finding something extraordinary in what you think is an ordinary life.

You see? That's why I am excited for this book! Because like Mikey, I am a normal teenager. But I want to do something extraordinary -- to leave something extraordinary to our wonderful world. I am just so excited about this book and I hope to read it soon! I got this book at National Book Store for Php 359.00, and that's very affordable for a YA novel nowadays!

The last two books are actually memoirs written by two of the most wonderful online content creators for me! I am so excited and I actually just received these books days ago and I bought them from Fully Booked's website!

The third book to my haul is Connor Franta's A Work in Progress.

Connor Franta is one of the youtubers I look up to the most. He just has so much positive thoughts and wonderful words of inspiration. He became a very big inspiration to me as much as I want to inspire other people. He's very uplifting and is so interesting and just wonderful. His book got a 4.46 rating on goodreads which is probably the highest rating in this book haul of mine.

This book is basically about his life before and during his youtube fame. It just sounds so lovely and I am sure I will learn a lot in this book regarding making your own content, life, struggles, and everything. I also skimmed the book and found very gorgeous photographs which I am sure would inspire me and help me improve regarding that aspect.

I am just pretty much excited to learn something and be able to enhance myself and improve as well both as a person and an aspiring content creator. I got this book at Fully Booked for Php 748.00, I got to admit this one's leaning on the price-y books but I think it's worth it. Plus my sister got me this one so... 

The last book in my book haul is The Scrapbook of My Life by Alfie Deyes.

Now, this book probably is the most fun in everything I've got last month. Just because, I have been a fan of all of Alfie's youtube channel -- mainly PointlessBlog, PointlessBlogVlogs, and PointlessBlogGames. I have been a fan for years now and I'm proud to say I've pretty much watched almost all of his videos. I know how fun he is and how inspiring he can be from watching his videos and I am very excited to be able read something like those in his book. 

This is basically his life before and during his fame. I also heard about hilarious things and revelations from his vlogs in this book as well as funny photographs which I am excited to laugh at! I just know that this would make me happy and inspired. This book is surely filled with fun. Plus, this book also has it's own exclusive app! I'm pretty much impressed with that and I have to say, the app really works nicely!

Aside from being excited about this book, I just want to tell you that I am very excited about this book! Haha. I got this for Php 784.00 from Fully Booked

That wraps up my book haul for the month of May and I am pretty much excited to read all of these books! As you can probably tell, I have some great selection from the month of May and I can't wait to dive in!


That's it for today's post! Thank you very much for reading this far! If you enjoyed this post make sure to follow my blog via email or Google Friend Connect on the sidebar so I'd know. You can also reach me on my social media accounts down below.

How many books have you got last month? Have you read any book on my haul today? Tell me your thoughts down below!

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