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Sunday, June 12, 2016


Hello wonderful readers!

I have something exciting to do for today! And as you probably have guessed it from reading the title, I will be doing the Coffee Book Tag! I am so excited to actually do this book tag just because coffee/hot chocolate and books are two of my favorite things in the world!

From what I know, this book tag was created by BangadyBangz and I recall watching it long ago from his channel and really wanting to do it. I also saw Katytastic, Jessethereader, and a lot of my favorite booktubers do this tag. BangadyBangz video will be attached below just so I could probably save you the time of searching for it because you may be as lazy as me and just so you could find yourself a probably new favorite booktuber!

I am also thankful to my good friend Dorothy from Not that Girl from Oz for tagging me to do this tag and for making me more determined to actually do this! Haha. Go check out her blog, it's absolutely wonderful!

Basically, there will be 8 questions that somehow relates coffee and hot beverages to books.

Without further ado, let's begin!

1. Black: Name a series that's tough to get into but has hardcore fans.

  • For this one, I am gonna go with The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare or at least City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. I just don't really know what's wrong with me, but I already tried reading this book for five times and stopping at around a hundred pages just because I'm really not into it. I mean, I loved the elements in this book. I adored how magical and fantastic the world building is. I actually liked the TV shows but I just can't read this book. Or at least I can't read this book right now. I'm still gonna give this series a chance in the future just because 90% of my bookfreak friends adored this book so much. And everyone seems to like it, so I am not closing doors for Cassandra Clare.

2. Peppermint mocha: Name a book that gets more popular during the winter or a festive time of year.

  • Now, in terms of being popular on what I hear about during the winter season, Harry Potter would be the obvious answer. But, I am not really much of a fan of the books nor the movie. Another series added to my list of popular books I still don't like. Haha. Anyways, so I chose a book that comes to my mind when I hear the words 'books in winter', which is The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. This book was amazing. It is one of my favorite books ever. Now, this book isn't really completely set on the winter season but it had major events that took place during Christmas and Charlie's birthday which I believe happens sometime in winter. I also recall Charlie making snow angels and the time on which they exchanged presents. I just loved this book and it's the first one that came to mind.

3. Hot chocolate: What is your favorite children's book?

  • I have two series for this question. My obvious answer, if you've spent quite some time reading my blog is The Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. Why? Because it literally is one of the best series ever! And Rick Riordan is one my most favorite authors ever! Another series I wanted to mention is William Joyce' The Guardian series. It such an amazing and adorable children's book. It really makes the kid in me happy. It's basically about the Guardians -- Nicholas St. North (Santa Claus), E.Aster Bunnymund (Easter Bunny), Toothiana (Tooth Fairy), and Sanderson Mansnoozie (Sandman) along with a few characters fight against the forces of Pitch Black who wants to rule the world with nightmares. I just love this series so much, and I am very much excited for the fifth book, with Jack Frost on it, that'll be published Fall next year, I think. I just love these two children's series!

4. Double shot of espresso: Name a book that kept you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

  • I probably have a lot of answers for this but Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo was the best (or one of the best) of them all! This book literally blew my mind away. I was so dragged by the events. I really appreciated the different types of characters. I was just kept on the edge of my seat. This book was phenomenal. It was just so amazing and so mind-blowing. It literally has a plot twist after plot twist after plot twist. It just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! You just have to read it to find out. Just trust me on this.

5. Starbucks: Name a book you see everywhere.

  • For this, I chose The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupery. If you haven't seen or at least heard about this book, I don't know where you've been. This book is literally everywhere! It has tons of gorgeous editions and has been translated to a lot of languages. This book is literally well known to the whole world. I recall reading this book but I remember so little from it. I really need to reread it.

6. The hipster coffee shop: Give a book by an indie author a shoutout. 

  • Now, I'm not entirely sure of what Indie means or if this book is indeed indie but I chose this anyways. It's called Light by Rob Cham. It's a graphic novel sorta comic but it has no words. The fact that it had no words made me very interested on what this book holds in store for me. Let me just say that the artworks in this book is amazing. I really love the black based artworks and it really enhanced the story and what it's all about. I am so tempted to show you a page or two, but I'll leave that discovery to you. Oh, and I bought this from Mt. Cloud if you're interested!

7. Oops! I accidentally got decaf: Name a book you were expecting more from.

  • I chose the book Glass Sword by VIctoria Aveyard. Now, I liked this book but I loved Red Queen. I absolutely enjoyed Red Queen and am really anticipating the sequel. I enjoyed it but I was a bit disappointed with some aspects that I think didn't improve at all and the very flat characters. I actually have a full in-depth review of this book, here

8. The perfect blend: Name a book or series that was both bitter and sweet but ultimately satisfying.

  • Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell -- this book was amazing. It's surprisingly one of my favorite books of all time. It took me by surprise since I was expecting to not be able to finish this at all because it's all the things I don't like in a book -- contemporary and told in a third person point of view. But, no. I absolutely loved this book! It's a sweet contemporary novel with characters who have experienced bitter struggles in life but overall, everything was ultimately satisfying! I absolutely adored this book plus the ending was painful. A full in-depth review shall come to your way any time soon!


And that is it for today's very fun tag! I really enjoyed doing it. Once again, thank you to my good friend Dorothy for tagging me!

I tag Raffy from Eccentric Everything and Ate Erika from The Nocturnal Fey. Hope you guys can do this as well! I also tag you, who's reading this! I really hope you can do this tag because it's absolutely fun and don't forget to let me know if i was the reason you decided to finally do this book tag.

That is it for today's post. I hope you had an amazing time here on my blog. If you did, please don't forget to subscribe and/or follow this blog via email or Google Friend Connect. All of those will be on the sidebar.

I wish you all the best and I will have another post next Sunday (or sooner) so, let's begin again then!

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