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Sunday, August 14, 2016


Hi Readers!

After months of totally not blogging, drafting this post is very weird. It feels weird, all these settings and options seems to be new. Basically, I feel like an alien in my own domain, which is much weirder. It has been what? Two months? Ehh. 

Now, the title of this post is quite true, but there's a catch -- I'm not leaving blogging for good.

As the years pass by, blogging has been a big part of my life and it took pretty much a large amount of my spare time. As well as reading and writing! But as this year entered, new doors of possibilities opened for me. Doors I knew I had before but didn't actually open them. These doors were then my 'interests' besides blogging, reading, and writing. Now, they are pretty much a part of my life too (particularly my spare time). What are these doors you say? I've been more fascinated about scientific theories, I've expanded my knowledge about the DCEU and Marvel Universe, I've had weird obsessions with superhero TV shows, I've watched movies non-stop this year, and so many other more doors I can't wait to finally open. All of these are what I do besides reading this past few months. They are what makes me, 'Luigi' now. And weirdly enough, I only spend a very little amount of time for reading novels nowadays. 

Why have I not been posting on this blog of mine? While I can clearly say that it's because of school, it entirely isn't. I've been occupied by these new hobbies that I have. I've been reading comic books, watching movies on the weekend, researching about the Multiverse theory, I've listened to a whole lot more music, and so much more. So, yes. I have been busy with school and I've allowed new things to occupy my spare time.

I've started this blog two years ago, (and yes, I forgot to celebrate my blog anniversary, which sucks) and then I was mainly only 'Reading with Luigi'. Now, I am so much more! And I just feel like I don't want to limit out this blog's capacity. I want to fully express myself on all the aspects of my life. And this is not something that I just thought of yesterday. I've been actually planning to create a new blog months ago, and the original plan was to run both blogs at the same time. After months of trying to fulfill my plan, I just know I can't equally give my time to two blogs. I'm already struggling at just one blog, so why create two? Then I even thought to abandon this blog, but I clearly just can't. So, I thought of merging my new blog and this blog into just one blog. I know that's a lot of work, but yes I'm sorta rebooting this blog. And that would require changes in the header, title, everything! But i just don't want to abandon this blog, so that idea happened. Lol. I've thought of this plan months ago but I just can't do it before. I feel like this blog meant so much to me, but now, I'll accept the changes in my life and rather than abandoning I will 'improve' this blog of mine. 

What more to say? Hmm. Besides the fact that I'm weirdly emotional right now, there's nothing else really. Just expect a lot new content months from now or possible the next year (which might not involve reading).

Oh, and if you're from the future and this blog looks like a total mess, it's me testing out what suits for this blog the most. So please don't think I'm a crappy blogger (which come to think of it, I am a crappy blogger, oops) I am simply re-constructing my blog into a better one.

Thank you so much for being part of my Reading with Luigi journey, and I hope that you'll still stay when this blog's a whole lot different.

This is probably the last time you'll see my Reading with Luigi logo, read more!

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