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Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Hi Readers! Lately, I find entertainment in reading other book blogs because I don't know, I like books?

So today, I wanna talk about my top 10 book bloggers because I just want to. Hahahaha!

Let's begin? Alright!

But first, I just want to clarify things. The first to fifth blogs that I will mention are all in order, and the next sixth to tenth are the blogs which I'm finding it hard to order on what blog I like better but I did my best to sort of organize them. (What? XD)  Also, these rankings are based on My Opinions only. No one paid me to do this and put their blog's on the first spot. This is just purely my opinion and thoughts about their blog. Also, some of these blogs are not purely book blogs, because a lot of blogs, like mine, upgrade into a wider range of topics for their blogs, such as adding arts, movies, etc.

Let's begin!

At number one is.... (Click on their web images to redirect you to their blogs!)