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Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Hi Readers!

So it's Tuesday....

and today we will give you some tips from myself and my co-members in Pinoy Book Freaks United (PBFU) and Book Geeks.

Pinoy Book Freaks United is a famous book group made by Divina Garcia on August 10, 2013.




Birth date: August 10, 2013 ♥

Group created to unite all Filipino book lovers. There are only a few rules to follow.

PBFU - https://www.facebook.com/groups/bookfreaksph/

Book Geeks is a book group made by Camille Granados last August 26, 2013. 

Our bookclub's objective is to unite Filipino readers (especially those in Pampanga), encourage members to expand & explore books/genres, and hopefully have an actual book club event in the near future where we could all meet & discuss a certain book, or anything geeky. If you fit the description below, you totally belong in this group!

Book Geeks is for the readers, the writers, the bookworms, the geeks, the nerds, the weird people, those who daydream everyday, those lost in their own magical world, those who like to smell book pages before reading - let this place be our own secret little nook, put up your feet, relax, and let's talk about books.

“If you are a dreamer, come in.
If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar,
A hope-er, a pray-er, a magic bean buyer …
If you’re a pretender, come sit by my fire,
For we have some flax golden tales to spin.
Come in!
  Come in!” 

Book Geeks - https://www.facebook.com/groups/embraceyourinnerGEEK/

Today we'll talk about one of the most asked or common issue for bookworms.

"Is covering your books with plastic cover good or bad? If so, why? If you are not covering your books with plastic cover, what are you doing to secure its safety?"

I, as a reader cover my books with pastic cover. For me it secures the safety of my book from food spills, ink spills, etc.

But this rule isn't applicable for all of my books. I don't cover books which has good covers or those which you touch because they have thonse nice cover. This books usually are hardbounds but some of my paperbacks like Let it Snow and Attachments have the good-cover-feeling. 

(c) Owner. Found this on Google.

Ofcourse, as stated above, I have asked my fellow bookworms regarding today's topic.

Here's what my co-members in Pinoy Book Freaks United have said:

"Yes, I'm covering my books. And I think it's good. It can prevent the edges of the book from having creases. Though I only use minimal amount of adhesive tape, just because...  Aaaand I don't cover all my books, coz some books have real good textures." - Erika Eñeco

"As for me..all my books are covered in plastic..may it be a pocket book, paperback or hard bound..i cover them all..it's my way to preserve them..and a way to respect the book itself coz if you just let them be..they are prone to dust and other stuff..and they easily get damaged if we don't cover our books.." - Claresse Santos

"I don't cover my books! Because my mom, sister and some friends cover it for me  covering the books with hard plastic cover is essential for "invaders" dust, spine creases, clumsy coffee/ juice stains." - Jennifer JC

"I cover my books except for the HBs. It's my way of bonding with my books, of course there's a lot of cuddling, caressing and hugging before actually covering them. I cover them with plastic to protect them from dust and keep them from soiling and being stained accidentally by peeps  I only clean my shelves every week so the plastic covers are a big help " - Chinee Leobrera

"I cover all my books and before I seal it, I make sure it doesn't have any dust or hair or anything. Some of my friends borrow books from me. Some of them doesn't handle books with care. I cover them to avoid spine creases and fading of the edges. Also, to preserve the beauty of its cover hahahahahaha" - Bianca Lynn Osteria

"I cover all of my books ツ except for the HBs of course ツ most of my books are PBs that's why I cover 'em up ツ" - Linda Castro

"Better to Cover it with plastic but no need to tape it just make sure you trim and fold the edges neatly. Also use plastic covers that are not too thick to fold. But if some would prefer to cover their books it is best to use adhesive book cover " - Bing Francisco Molato

"Well, before I cover all my books but when I opened my Harry Potter book after 3 or 4 years I've noticed that the scotch tape leaves uninviting yellow marks. Ever since then I stopped covering my books because of those ugly marks and after 2 years of no plastic covers my books are still looking fine." - Denise Lonzame

"I used to cover all my books with plastic, but later on [I guess] I've grown tired of it [as I become hooked on with electronic books]... " - LM Cuesta

"I wouldn't suggest using adhesive since it is quite a messy thing to do and the adhesive cover are usually acidic, damaging the book itself. I would go for the covering of books using plastic covers without taping it. Just be careful with using the scissors. Still, if you opt not to put on the plastic cover in the 'cover' of the book, you can actually make platic cover bags to which you can put your books. double purpose coz it kinda portect the leaves of the book to dust" - Lara Joy Junio

"yes... the way fully booked do it. tapes on the plastic cover only so anytime you want to remove ok lang coz it won't damage the dust jacket. plastic cover to protect the edges (up and bottow part of the book) and the cover as well. " - Soleil Moi

"Yes. I have sweaty hands, and I saw the effects when I read books without cover before." - Aguila DM

"When you cover your books with plastic, dont fold it exactly on the edge of the cover or too tight. Allow a breathing space for the cover and fold it loosely as the plastic will shrink in due time and might crease the cover making it short from the orginal edges of its pages." - Noah Obaob

I thank PBFU members very much because they have been very cooperative!
Feel free to join the group! You'll have lots of fun!

Here's what my fellow Book Geeks member answered:

"I do cover my books most of the time (even if I haven't read it yet, or I just bought it) but if I'm feeling lazy, I also don't. Haha." - Joanna Delos Santos Capati

"I do. But I do it,right after ive finished reading it. What I do is cover everything..just like gift wrapping but minus the gift wrappers...not the usual book jacket. You know..just to keep the illusion that it's still new even if its otherwise." - Criselle Musngi-Domingo

"I cover my books mainly to preserve the cover, even second hand books. I just like the feeling that my books are secure. the downside is, sometimes, heat shrinks the plastic so you have to replace the cover and in doing so, it might damage the book - sticky tapes and all that." - Camille Granados

"I don't cover my books because it's too time-consuming and honestly, I'm almost always lazy to do anything except reading. Hahaha. It is a bit bad because lots of times the covers get damaged since I let my sisters borrow them but I guess that's all. I love old-looking books so I really don't mind." - Alona Asdilla

"I love it when my book's slightly battered by the time I am done with it. So I do not cover any of my books. I even hate it when somebody borrows a book and returns it covered. Author Anne Fadiman calls people like me carnal readers. We like establishing our territory, leaving our mark on the book to prove our possession of it. The more damaged a book is, the more loved it is." - Gege Cruz Sugue

"I dont cover my books . but i put my printed name in front of it . because their my precious !!" - Marc Robin Depano

"I do not cover my books. But I used to cover my textbooks back in school days, because I need to sell them after the school year.
So far, I haven't seen any single book that is covered with a clear plastic whenever I go to bargains or sales. So I thought there are more readers out there that don't bother at all. I think books are meant to age even a little, and aging doesn't mean that the pages have to look completely worn out." - Jr Gaña Biag

"Use plastic cover to preserve cover from wear and tear....." - Bernadette Palma Reyes

So, that the end for today guys! Sorry for my unactive days. I'll try my best to keep you guys updated!

Stay Tuned!


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