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Sunday, September 14, 2014


Hi Readers!

So as many of you already know, that we try to do Featured Bookstore every week!

and I am very lucky that one of the best shops and my close friend have allowed us to interview her.

This shop is one of the most famous shop because it only sells Signed Books, Collector's Edition Books, and other books you don't see everyday in Bookstores.

The shop is non other than

*drum rolls*

Reader's Collectibles

(c) Owner. Official Facebook Account of
Reader's Collectibles

(c) Owner. These are some of the books that can be found at Reader's Collectibles.

Reader's Collectibles is one of my most favorite shops because:

1.) It sells good books and hard to find books.

2.) She (the owner of the shop) accepts book requests and never quits until she finds it.

3.) She is a very kind seller.

4.) She will be your friend. (I'm very sure about that.)

5.) She gives a lot of bookmarks. (I've proven that two times)

6.) She makes you feel special.

*Many of these reasons will be proven below*

Before I post the Part 1 for my September Book Haul

I'll post first the interview that I have done with her.

I am very thankful that Ate R.C. (as many call her) printed the question that I have given her and personally wrote her answers. ( This proves no. 6 above )

and here are her answers:

That finishes our interview with Ate R.C.

I have bought many books from Ate R.C.

One of them is "This is What Happy Looks Like" by Jennifer Smith which I purchased a long time ago.

and my latest purchase from her shop which is Part 1 of my September Book Haul was

Signed and Personalized Attachments


Signed Percy Jackson's Greek Gods (which is written by my favorite author by the way)

(c) Owner. The very safe packaging done by Ate R.C. 

Signed and Personalized Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

Signed Percy Jackson's Greek Gods by Rick Riordan and John Rocco

How she got the PJGG is a very long story but I'll make it short. (The story will prove no. 2 above)

As many of you know. Finding signed books of Rick Riordan, John Green, and other mainstream authors is a very hard task. But when I asked ate R.C. to look for a Signed PJGG, she and I immediately did our investigations (as we say it). I waited for weeks for ate R.C. to find a shop but the shop that she have found first sells the book at a very expensive price. So Ate R.C. (without me asking her) found another shop selling the book at a much cheaper price. So she ordered it, and I again waited for weeks. But all the waiting was TOTALLY WORTH IT!    

So I totally recommend Reader's Collectibles' shop.

Bookmarks from ate R.C. (which proves no. 5)

 So these books are the Part 1 of my September Book Haul!

*Note: All of the pictures are from me. Using these pictures without permission or giving credits is prohibited.*

Happy Weekend guys!

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