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Monday, August 28, 2017


Hello, hi, and welcome to the blog! For today, as you have probably guessed, I will be doing a review for the entire Season 1 of Riverdale.

Now, I know you aren't wondering but I'm gonna explain things anyway. Number one, I have watched A LOT of episodes of TV shows in the past months since I've posted my How to Get Away with Murder S01E01 review, but the thing with me is that I usually watch two to three episodes in one sitting, and I hate taking notes for it. Thus, when the time comes of drafting my post for my blog review, I get discouraged because I have a lot on my plate in the past months and rewatching an episode that I already enjoyed before was not exactly the thing I'd wanna do.

With that in mind, I am now reviewing the entire 13-episode first season of Riverdale. For starters, I have watched this season in two days. That included the activities I had to do as a regular human being. That actually doesn't sound much but that is a game-changer for me. Never have I devoured that much episode of the same TV show in a day. I'm actually still stuck on episode 10 of HTGAWM, episode 16 of Glee, episode 10 of Shadowhunters season 2, and I'm still midway for the latest seasons of Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Steven Universe, and probably more that I'm forgetting. I usually take my time into watching, yeah. Totally. 

I don't feel the need to defend my views and opinions but be enlightened that I have only crossed the face of the Earth for 16 years. Thus, my perspective and experience with things aren't that much wide compared to other people. With that, I may or may not be easily impressed by things that I really love and was engaged in and they may or may not affect my reviews of these shows. Not stating anything, just putting it subjectively.

Also, this review contains no spoilers whatsoever. So your eyes are still spoiler free up to the end of the post!

Without more of my chaotic intro, let us begin!

" [Riverdale] A subversive take on Archie and his friends, exploring small town life, the darkness and weirdness bubbling beneath Riverdale's wholesome facade. "

 From IMDB, I would have to say that this is the most accurate generalization of Riverdale. Now, I can't confirm its subversive take on Archie, because I'm not a fan myself nor am I familiar with the comics. I have heard characters from the comics beforehand, but never more than character names, and mascots, for some reason. But it is subversive, it is surely a subversive take on anything it may originate from that of course, is less destructive. I think me not knowing anything about Archie comics also helped me like Riverdale more. 

It is dark and weird, which is not that impressive of a combination, reading that now, but it really works. Now, to be completely honest, Riverdale tackles "dark" topics in an unbelievably lighter way. It does have its dark moments, but overall, it leaves a rather fun and light vibe on me. It isn't nearly as interestingly dark and captivating in the sense of that murder mystery as How To Get Away with Murder. That being said, I actually love it. It's a very refreshing story that has all the elements I really love.

In talks of being refreshing, I think the main reason for that is the new set of familiar faces. I mean, I only am familiar with Cole Sprouse who plays Jughead in the show. Prior to the show, I barely even am a fan of him. As a child, I was not a fan of his comedic Disney channel show. I was more on the sci-fi heroic fiction type of shows. While most people stayed on the show for Cole, I a hundred percent did not stay for him. Which says a lot on how much I love the show and its actual story line. Other refreshing faces I find really entertaining may it be as Riverdale characters or as celebrities in their own right, are KJ Apa, Lili Reinhart, Casey Cott, and especially Camila Mendes. I absolutely adore Camila so so much. I love her as Veronica and herself the most out of everyone. More to that, I also loved the new actors I got to see in this show. It really is a breath of fresh air.

Aside from the actors, I genuinely enjoy the characters in the show. My favorite is of course, Veronica, but overall the characters aren't bad. Archie is fun and playful but often times reliable. Betty is very interesting of some sorts. I find Jughead kinda okay. He's weird and all, and usually the weird characters are the one I like the most, but I'm still expecting more from him. Cheryl is well, Cheryl. I'd want to say more, but I'm afraid of stating spoilers so if you have watched the show, wait for my separate blog post for that.

The story line was complicated to the extremes. It was just everywhere. Weirdly enough, I actually liked it that way. It had so much going on that what happens at the moment will be the only thing that you focus on. It's pace is also something I'm not sure about. For what it is, it actually feels fast-paced but I never feel like it's in a rush. Which I think is really a good thing.

I also like the "it must be that character" feeling the show offers. I also love how that gets changed every other episode and the writers really make it seem like everyone can be a possible suspect for the murder mystery. I was very torn actually. It really seemed like everyone could've done it. To be completely honest, I did not guess the suspect. But I had a lot of theories for certain characters because of certain dialogues and lines that I could not for surely discuss here for it will contain spoilers. We shall all wait for my non-spoiler review.

The topics that were tackled were not that unique, but I appreciate it in its entirety. The obvious main subject is of course, the murder of Jason Blossom. It kinda reflects on the dark secrets every town has, literally and metaphorically. It also touches the surface of the forced idea of being perfect, individually or as a group. Aside from that, it also talks about hidden demons we all have, the reality of marriages, love at the most basic, betrayal, corruption, reality, favoritism, being biased, and a whole lot more real up to date topics the world needs to be aware of. I really appreciate that, plus points for Riverdale.

The cinematography and all the fancy editing in this one is actually pretty amazing. I love all the edits in the intro, all the design of Pop's and every nook and cranny of the town. I just find it interesting and so well put together. The camera shots always takes me gasping. I do find it confusing sometimes when it switches and moves angle so much, but for the most part I absolutely love what they do in the editing and shooting part of the show. Those just play a huge part of the overall effect of a particular scene or episode more than we actually realize, so huge applause to that.

Now, the cast and characters really was the star of the show for me, but a close element is the songs and the background music they do!

I am a sucker for songs. When I find the song that really catches my attention I usually sing it for days and days. Now, let me tell you, the songs in Riverdale, vocal wise, are of course not that on point thrilling compared to other singers, but what makes the songs stand out are their impact on me. Especially during the episode proper, the characters that groove in it and the story that goes with the song really leaves an impact which makes me like the song way better. If I had listened to the official soundtrack prior to watching the show, I honestly wouldn't have liked it as much as I do after watching the episodes. Now, I'm not gonna spoil you the fun, but please do not listen to the soundtrack if you haven't watched the episode the songs are in. Listening to it on the actual episode makes a difference. In fact, one of my most favorite episode of the season stood out to me because of a particular song that I liked in it and the characters who were singing it.

I also appreciated the production numbers the show has! Although I have never been a great dancer (or a decent one in that matter) myself, so I am in no where position to judge all the choreography in the show. But for what it is, I actually enjoy it so much!

Aside from these, I think I have made my non-spoilery points towards my liking of Riverdale. I was originally gonna combine my no spoiler and spoilery review, but this post is already long enough without thy spoilers. I think I'm gonna put that up for a different blog post next week!

Overall, I definitely recommend Riverdale! It's a fun, dark, thrilling, exciting, story of teenagers putting up with all the crap their town has to offer. It's actually more than what meets the eye once you get the hang of it. It has a fun-filled excellent choice of casts and characters that goes very well with the ever so complicated story line the show has. Aside from that, you'll also get occasional fun-filled production numbers of wonderful songs and choreography. There definitely more to discover of Riverdale. With that, I think I'm giving the show a 92%.

I do have much more points to put out on my spoilery review coming next week! I hope you read it too!


I think that is it really! I hope you enjoyed this blog post, I definitely did enjoy making it. If you want to discuss certain topics feel free to comment down below or to reach me through different social media platforms linked on the sidebar. Have a great week ahead and may the universe contrive to bring happiness to you!

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