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Sunday, July 16, 2017


Hello, hi, and welcome to another Sunday which means another blog post (I think).

For today, I am doing something my last year self would never have thought doing, an art haul!

If you know me personally, you will now that anything related to visual art is something I don't do well. My hands were just never for drawing or painting, making me hate anything with relation to paints, crayons, and the like. Well, not actually hate it, but it's just not in my alley.

Nonetheless, I am a lover of anything with relation to words, may it be writing poems and stories or this — blogging! And just months ago this year, something that combines both visual and written art caught my attention — brush pen calligraphy! And when my sister asked if I was somehow interested in that field of art, I decided to say yes even if I have no idea of what I'll be doing. With the glory of the heavens above, my sister bought me the "basic" materials required to actually do brush pen calligraphy and months later, here we are. 

As you may or may not have noticed this "haul" is a two-part blog post. This first one would be all about watercolors and palettes I used for the past three months I've been "trying" to do calligraphy. And the second part would talk about the brushes and papers I've been using. The reason behind this is not because I have too many materials (debatable) to show you, but rather because I am a very busy student and I barely have enough spare time to make this blog post so I figured the most rational and efficient way to do this is to separate this haul.

Just a disclaimer, I am NOT by any means a professional nor at the very least am I knowledgeable enough to fully understand what I am saying but I will do my very best to share my personal thoughts about these products. I am also barely able to habitually practice my calligraphy so don't expect some jaw-dropping art as to I only had less than three months of practice and I started as someone who knew absolutely nothing about paints except for the fact that they act like wet crayons. Plus everything's hard to manage (school, personal, etc.) so, I've only had a very little amount of practice, I just really wanted to share to you guys what works (and doesn't) for me.

Also, this is by no means sponsored, everything is bought by either myself or my sister.

Now that all the ramble is aside, let's begin!

I'll just be showing you guys what I got in the order of which I got first to make things easier for me.

1.) Simbalion WaterColor Cake (28 Colors)

This watercolor cake set is the first "official" watercolor I ever bought for the sole purpose of not using it as a mandatory medium in my art class. I bought this for two reasons, number one being it's incredibly cheap considering it mostly had positive reviews, and number two, it's very pretty to look at, LOL. Now, I can guarantee that this is actually a pretty good watercolor, but of course it wouldn't work immediate wonders. You just have to adjust a little bit to it, especially if you know nothing about watercolors. Though even for me, it didn't take much time to get through the whole basics of using a watercolor, practice is really the key.

I love the quality of this watercolor. It really has an amazing pigmentation, of course still depending on how much water you actually put in. I also love the color selection in this palette. I'm pretty sure I've used all of the colors in here and that I find myself going for most of the color schemes in here, though of course, I like some more than the others. It's probably quite obvious with the amount of watercolor remaining on some of the colors. Haha. I also like the convenience that the lid of the watercolor pan can be removed and be used as a palette, that's something I find amazing and I really appreciated this product more. 

Here are some of the works I've made using my exact same set of Simbalion watercolor cakes:

My sister got this for me for 180 pesos in the National Bookstore website.

2.) Best Buy Watercolor Tubes

This is a whole new different story than the first one. I actually don't like this one at all. It may or may not have something to do with the colors that came in my pack. But generally, it just seems to be distorted and I'm not much of a fan of the pigment formula. I don't know it just seems to be so off for me. I find it hard to work with and it's really not (yet) my thing.

I will tell you guys once I find ways to make these watercolor tubes useful for me, as I have said, I get very little time to even experiment on calligraphy, so the problem might be me.

I got all of this for 60 pesos from National Bookstore.

3.) Koi WaterColor Tube in Cerulean Blue #25

Now, Koi is a highly respected brand when it comes to watercolors but I actually don't enjoy using this particular color. It really dries out as something that's not blended through for some reason. If you have seen my title design for my Wonder Woman Movie Review, the "woman" text is written with this color as my medium and as you can see, it's looks like it's not blended at all. 

I will try to troubleshoot this setup, as to I think it may or may not have something to do with the amount of paint in my brush pen, but I will let you guys know!

I got this tube for 60 pesos from Pandayan Bookshop.

4.) Simbalion WaterColor Cake (36 Colors)

In relation to my first one, I got another Simbalion cake set, this time the one that incudes 36 colors! I was actually surprised that this was cheaper than the one that had 28 colors, though I think that's because of the sizes of the watercolor sections. Nonetheless, I still bought this because I'm really intrigued on how the other colors will do and which one I'll like most. 

I got this for 175 pesos from Office Depot.


And I think that is it for today's post!

I really hope you enjoyed and learned something from this post of mine. I really took the time to try my best and upload something this Sunday. I really enjoyed making this and I hope you'll share some of your ideas, product suggestions, and tips on the comments below. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog post of mine.

May the universe contrive to bring happiness to all of you!

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