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Sunday, April 9, 2017


How to Get Away with Murder also known shorter as HTGAWM, is a television show I've heard about almost everywhere. I've seen how people raved about it on facebook, heard how Viola Davis (which is an actress I really love) won an Emmy in that show, and read nothing but good news about it on social media, so I was more than very excited to actually immerse myself into this highly talked about TV show.

And finally, after months of doubting whether I should watch it or not, today (or at least the day I am drafting this post, lol), 28th of February 2017, I have finally watched the pilot episode of the 1st season for How to Get Away with Murder!

Before finally reviewing this amazing pilot of HTGAWM, I'd just like to let it out that I am more than aware that this certain episode is not a new release, nonetheless I am still determined to put up this review not only for me to share what I feel but also a way of expressing my excitement as a stress reliever and as something to look back on.

Let's begin! 

Episode Title: Pilot

Episode First Aired: September 25, 2014

Director: Michael Offer

Written by: Peter Nowalk

Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller, Mystery

Runtime: 43 minutes

Synopsis: Student Wes Gibbins begins attending law classes taught by renowned lawyer, the tough and enigmatic Annalise Keating. She offers five students the chance to work with her, while in a flash forward, the students chosen dispose of a body.


This episode was amazing. I am giving it an 8.5 out 10

This TV show is considerably amazing! Well technically, I only have watched the pilot episode, but looking on to what direction this TV show is pursuing, I am predicting nothing but being in love with this show. The pilot episode was a great start. It started off really heavily and was able to manage keeping me interested despite how long it is. What I love too is how this episode was not that really confusing. It's not an episode in which you have to restart again to pick up some things. It's fantastic without trying not too hard to be.

The characters is what I think carries the show through. Personally, if the characters were different in the same plot, it would result to a boring show. My favorite and everyone's favorite character is Annalise Keating played by the one and only Viola Davis. Her character carries everyone up to the top. Her character is someone who's intelligent, strong, and powerful without begging for it. The generally vibe she's giving is what makes the show the bomb. Also, it's a plus for me that Viola was the one chosen for the role, I couldn't think of anyone better. Connor Walsh played by Jack Falahee is an interesting character. I wouldn't say that I adore him tho, he often looks nervous all the time that his character is often left out. Michaela Pratt played by Aja Naomi King is a boring character for now. You know how in every room, there's this kid that proves to everyone that he's smart in an annoying way? That's what Michaela brought up in the show for me. Wes Gibbins played by Alfred Enoch is fun to watch. He's innocence makes him stand out to the rest of the students. I wouldn't say I love him, but I'm watching out for what's next for him. The rest of the characters, are okay. They're not really that evident in the show but I'll give them chances in the future. Although overall, despite the negatives in each character, them coming together in this show brings a whole new feel to it. It becomes something gripping and amazing that rests aside their personal flaws.

Beyond this point are spoilers to watch out for.

Let's talk about the plot in this episode. It's something that really excited me for the whole season. In a span of 40 minutes, a lot of interesting things happened. First off, there's this mysterious scene -- four young adult-ish people are somehow trying to either decide whether they would leave or hide the body of someone that they potentially did kill. There's arguing and arguing until they decided to flip a coin to decide what to do. That sequence of events can actually represent the whole episode for me, showing how heavily mysterious the show is but still tries its best to not be overwhelmingly daunting and try to insert a laugh every once in a while. Flashback enters and we're three months before the first scenes. We get to see students of a Law University with their professor being Annalise. Her entrance left me staring, wide eyes open, waiting for what next will happen. I was not disappointed tho as too how I liked the fact that instead of teaching the traditional laws, she'll teach students how to do the dirty work -- how to get away with murder. Afterwards, things started to happen. Flashbacks every once in a while, then continuing on with disposing the dead body, and so on with that pattern. But what got me captivated is how the criminal court works. I am really interested into those kinda things. I was left at awe at how the woman on the court trial was actually colorblind. The emails, all the "dirty" work Annalise did, amazing. I loved it one way and another. Oh, I also found it surprising as to how Annalise cheated on her husband, which then makes me curious to a new story line. Oh and I almost forgot, Wes' room is something I am looking forward to discovering. I am sure there's more story to that claw and bite marks. Also, that dead girl found in the water tank, I think there's more to her. A lot more has happened but these are the ones I really adored and loved. But of course, there were some flaws.

This episode was amazing, but not perfect. There are somethings I find off. Firstly, there are too many story lines opening up in a single episode. I think I would've appreciated it more if it was gradually revealed as the series goes on. Secondly, the transition between the present and the flashback was a bit too frequent. I would've liked it more if it was not that interfering with each other than it actually was. On the ending, personally, it was not that captivating. I appreciated how the writer thought of revealing the identity of the dead body would be mysterious but that wasn't for me. Revealing the identity lessened my hype for the second episode. It was too soon, I guess? But I'm definitely not stopping in this episode.

What more? Hmm. There's not much about the settings and all. I guess I'm really just waiting on how Annalise's husband (I forgot the name, lol) was killed and that girl on the tank. I think it would potentially make up for the negatives I found in the episode.


Hello! This is Luigi from the 8th of April. I hoped you like my review. I edited it and found it a bit short but I don't want to edit it with my thoughts after a month of watching the first episode for that would be obviously confusing. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoyed this review! 

And because school is finally over, expect more content on this blog! I have two more episode reviews that I drafted and other ideas in mind.

If you liked my review, please follow my blog using GFC and let's talk either on the comments below or on other social media platforms!

That is it and may the universe contrive to bring happiness to every one of you!

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