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Sunday, March 5, 2017


Hello, hi, and welcome to my blog! After a long time of not blogging, I am finally here again with a new post. For today, I am sharing all the books I have hauled the past few months!

I would like to acknowledge my unexpected absence in this blog. You know the reason -- school and nothing but it. Been all out busy, physically, emotionally, and mentally drained as well all the time. We had a lot of school activities, exams, and I am the director of our school play which drains me all the time. Yep, that's that. Although, jokes aside, I sincerely have drafted three reviews for How to Get Away with Murder which is a TV show I recently watched and really enjoyed! I also have drafted my review for Romeo and Juliet and a flash comic book. Expect a lot of content in the near future!

But first, a bit of disclaimer, all of these books are the books that I've accumulated after my last book haul, back when this blog was still Reading with Luigi, last May, you can check that out by clicking here. Meaning all the books I possibly had bought for myself or received from others on the months of June 2016 to February 2017 is in this book haul. That's nine months y'all. Although, majority of these books are books that I got last month. I may have left out a book or so, but who knows? Lol. Also, all these books are either books I bought with my own money and/or books given to me by my family and friends.

Clearing things out, let's get started!

This book haul will contain 20 books -- 16 novels and 4 comic books!

Also would like to mention that all these books are randomly organized. Sadly, I do not have the best memory out there and I don't remember most of the dates or even months I got these books, so yeah. But I will do my best to chat you guys through it.

First on the list is a series I loved watching and now I am excited reading. This is The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. This series is something that I grew up with as a child. If you are unfamiliar (which I highly doubt it), the series contains of seven books namely, The Magician's Nephew, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, The Horse and His Boy, Prince Caspian, The Voyage of the Down Treader, The Silver Chair, and The Last Battle. I cannot tell you guys how excited I am to finally be able to read what I loved as a child. All the critiques aside, the movies were phenomenal for me back then. It was one of the stories that introduced me to magical fantasies. I think I'm gonna read it the way C.S. Lewis wanted readers to read it (in the order above), rather than publication dates.

The next one is also a magical novel that I haven't read but loved as a child. It's Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie. If you aren't familiar with Peter Pan, where the world have you been? It's Peter Pan, Wendy, and Tinkerbell! The classic story of a boy who could not grow up. Just the thought of this book brings back so many emotions that the movies brought to me. Let's not forget the clever and adorable Tinkerbell! Personally, I do not like Wendy, but let's see how my thoughts would change once I finally read the novelization. I am nothing but excited to finally dive in!

I got The Chronicles of Narnia and Peter Pan last February from Surprisesoutofboxes for a relatively cheap price. Go visit their facebook page!

The next book is a book I also got last February from our Scholastic Book Fair at school! It's kinda an unusual buy for me, but I'm still excited about it. It's called We Should Hang Out Sometime by Josh Sundquist. Basically this book is about Josh Sundquist himself wondering and researching about how, at the age 24, has he never had a girlfriend. This is funny book and I really enjoyed reading it. While, I haven't finished it yet, because of school, I still am really looking forward for this book. Again, it's witty but it's not all jokes. Most of the time, I find myself giggling on the diagrams, tables, and visuals on the book. It really is scientifically based but with a unusual topic. I got this, I think for around 350 pesos.

The next book that I got is something that I am genuinely excited about. Most of you probably know it, it's Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. I think I got this at the Fully Booked booth last year's Manila International Book Fair. Yes, I did go there. Yes, I did not blog about it. Yes, it was indeed a highlight of my 2016. Back to the book, this is a book I've heard nothing but good things about. Jessethereader loves it, booktubers love it, everyone loves it. All I know about this book is that it's about children with unusual abilities. I also haven't watched the movie and I plan not to until after finishing this book. I am really excited! This book was worth 399 in Fully Booked but I think I got it cheaper because of the sale.

This next book is indeed a strange buy for me. It's not something that I usually would buy unless I need it for school. It's called A Lolong Time Ago by Michelline Suarez, Joonee Garcia, Divine Reyes, and Benjor Catindig. This is I think the first in a series called Halo-halo Stories, but still I'm not entirely sure. I picked this up for about 150-ish pesos on the Tahanan Books Booth on MIBF. I am not entirely sure about the name of the booth tho. Aghh, I hate not blogging important events, as I've said my memory sucks and blogging have greatly helped me with that. Anyways, I picked this book up because I was heavily interested. I skimmed through the book and it contains facts about the prehistoric period of my country, the Philippines. It's also written in a entertaining way and I'm thrilled to read it!

This next book is a book, again, I have heard nothing but good things about. It's All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. Up to this point, I haven't read any of her books but I've heard amazing things about! As most of you probably know, I am not the biggest fan of contemporary but most of my friends suggested this to me since I loved My Heart and Other Black Holes as well as Eleanor and Park. I've been meaning to pick this book up and I finally did later last year (I think). All I really know about this book is that it's about two people -- Finch and Violet who somehow crosses each other's lives. I can't wait to devour this book and I'm quite skeptical about the heartbreaking things on the book, quoting my friends. I got this for 439 from our local bookstore -- NBS Express Malolos.

This next book has the same story about the previous books -- I've heard good things, been wanting to buy it, and finally did. This is A Darker Shade of Magic by Victoria Schwab. Though this is on the expensive side, this cost me 784 pesos. Oh wait, it cost my sister 784 pesos. Haha. I asked her to buy this for me and without hesitation, she did! Perks of being the youngest, I guess? She bought it from Fully Booked. What really got me excited about this book is that it revolves on a somehow multiverse world. If you've been reading my recent posts, you know how much I am fascinated by the Multiverse and Parallel Universe theory. This book is something that I think I would genuinely enjoy and I cannot wait to finally dive in.

The next book is quite an impulse buy. Lol. Is spotted this book an a thrift book store in Manila. It's a full-colored anniversary edition of the second book of the Chronicles of Narnia, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. Again, as you probably have read from the first books on this list, I am excited to read this book. I really was instantly dedicated to buy this one once I saw it's beauty in the booth of Books for Less. I think I got it for about 145 pesos. Again, I am thrilled to read the series. And while it has some defects on the cover and damages, it's inside pages and drawings are magnificent still. It was almost in a perfect condition and I got it for a relatively cheap price. I'd say that's a very good buy despite not thinking much about whether it was worth-it, lol.

The next on the list is a book again I've heard good things about, been wanting to buy it, then bought it. See the pattern? Lol. It's called Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of The Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz. This was actually recommended by my good friend, She. She kept on talking about how good this was and how I should read it soon. Lol. So once I saw it on the glorious shelves of my local National Book Store, I bought it immediately! It's worth 395 pesos which is actually quite cheap considering how much a paperback would cost these days. Again, I am thrilled to read this book. What I find interesting though is, I think, how this book is diverse in terms of stereotypical things. I am really looking forward to how this would enlighten me.

The next book is both a book I've been wanting to read and a book I needed to read. It's this gorgeous edition of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. This book is a classic and if you have not even heard about it, you must really have avoided society, lol. I got this for 299 from Fully Booked. While I already know the whole story of the book, I am still thrilled to be actually reading the exact words it was originally written in. Just finishing this book would be a big milestone for me. That familiar old English way of speaking excites me hardcore. I've already started this book and I can't wait to finish it. Again, I encourage everyone too to read this. And if you happen to want a copy for yourself, I suggest this gorgeous edition. The cover is stunning.

The next books are actually comic books -- which is something new that I've been obsessed about. The first two actually belong to the same series. These belong to The New 52 Series by DC Comics. They are comics from my most favorite superhero ever, namely The Flash: Move Forward (Volume 1) and The Flash: Rogues Revolution by Francis Manapul and Brian Buccelato. As a kid, I've been a big fan of the Flash, Martian Manhunter, and Green Lantern. I was not like most kids raving about Batman and Superman -- although I like them too. Finally being able to buy and actually have my own comics as a teenager is really exciting for me. I have already read the first book and I am excited to continue on with the series! I got this from Book Depository for roughly $15 each.

The next comic book is again a comic book about the fastest man alive, The Flash. It's called The Flash: Season Zero by Andrew Kreisberg, Phil Hester, and Eric Gapstur. I am really excited for this one as it somehow ties with the TV Show. I think it's not exactly the same but the setting and the looks woud be retained. I do feel a little bit skeptical about the art style in this one as I was scanning it but nonetheless, I am looking forward to be thrilled. I got this for 600-ish pesos from Book Outlet but through a facebook seller that offers that service. This is really a huge and thick comic book but I am excited to marathon this one in the coming summer!

The last book on this pile is kinda an all-star cast comic book. It's the famous Injustice: Gods Among Us (Volume 1) by Tom Taylor, Jheremy Raapack, and Mike S. Miller. I'm really genuinely thrilled to read this one as it has most of my favorite characters! There's the Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Wonderwoman, and more! Although, I am not certain if Martian Manhunter is here, I couldn't locate him while scanning the book. Nonetheless, I am very excited to read this one. There's not really much to say except the good old action packed scenes that will be in this one. I also like the dramatic deep art style, nice!

Was that it? I guess it was. This is finally the end of my long-awaited book haul. I am pretty happy with the selection of different books that I got, and I cannot wait to read them all. I also hope you enjoyed this post -- it's exhausting to take a lot of photos, edit it, and write this long considering my schedule, lol.

Thank you so much for reading and watch out for new content coming up very soon!

May the universe contrive to bring happiness to you!

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