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Sunday, February 5, 2017


Hello, hi, and welcome! For today's post, I am finally announcing the winner to my "New Year, New Blog" facebook giveaway! I am so excited for the winner to receive the prizes I picked, in hopes of him/her loving it!

But before that, allow me to explain where I've been the past few weeks.

If you've liked my facebook page (which you should totally do), I've briefly explained what I've been up to. Click here to redirect you to that post.

Okay, so first thing's first. I have been gone for no other reason but because of school. Our third quarterly exams took place on the fourth week of January, which is when I began not posting. The week after was when we had to submitted our projects and perform different presentations (some of which I directed) making me exhausted all throughout the weeks. Tired is how I would put January in a single word, nonetheless, I am very happy about everything as of now.

"Luigi, does this mean that you'll post weekly now?" As much as I would like to make my regular schedule for posting a reality, I simply cannot promise anything. This week actually, we're on the midst of celebrating our foundation week meaning more activities requiring physical strength, so there's that. Also, I am attending prom this Friday, so again a tiring activity waiting to suck out all the energy from my physical body. But that's not it, I am also chosen to compete in a Math competition two Thursdays from now, meaning more things to do. And as our 4th quarterly project, I am the director/scriptwriter for our Romeo and Juliet play which is our project in three subjects so there's also that. Basically, I am supposed to be all powerful this month, for if not, I would die from tiredness. Haha. 

All the tiring things aside, I do have tons of blog post ideas just waiting to be drafted. I am soon gonna review comics from Flash, which is my most favorite superhero. I also will hopefully be doing a full review for Romeo and Juliet once I read it in preparation for me directing our play. I also have a lot of new ideas for my Let's Talk About series and more. I've been meaning to blog more really, my physical body just wouldn't allow me.

All the explanations aside, let's get started with the announcement part of this post!

Okay, first thing's first. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO EVERYONE WHO'VE PARTICIPATED! I am more than happy and glad. The first few hours of this giveaway, almost no one joined but still, many people found their way on my blog. SO to all new readers, hi!

How I listed the entries would be by entry number, the name, and the requirements fulfilled. All of the entries were manually entered on this table below. (which is why it took me ages before finally finishing this)

Again, thank you to everyone who joined my giveaway! I am really touched for getting 147 entries and more than 30 people joined! I know that may seem little for other people, but that's a lot for me!

And now, by the power vested upon me as the host of this giveaway (lol), I am using random.org to pick the winner for this giveaway of mine. 


And the winner is...


And that person is..


Congratulations and I do hope that you'll enjoy the prizes I selected from my heart! I will contact the winner shortly after this blog post, and will update you guys.

To those who joined, thank you very much and stay tuned as the next giveaway might not be far away since I am celebrating my birthday next month!

That is it for today, and may the universe contrive to bring happiness to all of you!

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