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Hello, hi, and welcome to this humble blog of mine. You might know me for years before as Reading with Luigi, but now I am under the name of Paradoxical Grenade with much more content to offer! This page will solely be dedicated to everything I can publicly say about myself and this blog. Nonetheless, let's get started!

Who am I?

I am Matt Luigi, I go by both names together or either of the two. I reside in a small home in a very busy town at Malolos, Bulacan which is located in the mesmerizing tropical country, the Philippines. I am a teenager in 9th Grade as of the moment. I have a weird preference for things that I like and I don't like. Few things I adore doing are reading, writing, watching movies/tv shows, eating (of course), admiring life and talking about it, and more! Strangely, I have a regular habit of reflecting about how life is wonderful for all of us and how our nature and ecosystem is wonderfully designed along with every known and unknown creatures in it. Weirdness aside, I also like talking about science and scientific theories so I might discuss those too here on my blog. Right now, I am obsessed with the multi-verse theory and theories like it. Okay, maybe that was also weird. Is it? I guess I'll never know. Things I don't like, you say? Well I try not to think of the negative things as life is too short for it, but to give you a brief idea here's a three-word phrase that sums up all of the things I don't like with people, lack of appreciation. 

What more? Hmm. Well I am a very anxious introvert and I think that this blog would help me express. Although, when I'm with my friends, I can get way overboard with my attitude and get all hyped in which I can be a very different person. Some say I might be an ambivert but I'm not really certain at classifying myself into a group. I befriend everyone as much as I can so often that it's hard for me to choose which type of people I'll be with. I'm divergent, really! Haha. 

Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging for the joyous sake of expressing what I feel. As most of my older "readers" know, this blog was actually under the name of Reading with Luigi for more than two years when I started last July 2014. Back then, this blog is purely about books and everything surrounding it. As explained throughout my posts last 2016, I have grown different hobbies and opened up new doors that made me more than just a reader -- thus, the decision to change this 2017 from the book blogger who runs Reading with Luigi, to the everything blogger who manages Paradoxical Grenade.

Why did you choose to name your blog that way?

I named my blog Paradoxical Grenade roughly because of what I often feel. If you know The Perks of Being the Wallflower (which you should check out both the book and movie if you haven't, it is amazing), there's this famous quote said by Charlie, the main character there, that goes "So, this is my life. And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I'm still trying to figure out how that could be." That line just directly shot me in the heart as to how accurate it is for me. Upon further research I happened to have found a word that perfectly fits the meaning of the quote which is the word "Paradox". According to Merriam-Webster, the word means "a statement that is seemingly contradictory or opposed to common sense and yet is perhaps true", making Paradox the perfect word to describe how I often feel. And I'm not just talking about being both happy and sad, I often break the barrier people put to others.Those people who say that you can only do a thing or two in your life have no idea how wrong they are. Also, I'm the type of person that knows how to fix a situation but still dwells on the negativity it carries which I know is weird. I am never only a thing, I believe. I'm always complex and I am never that simple to figure out, even for myself. Now for the word "Grenade", there are a handful of reasons as to why I choose that name. On a personal note, I think I always put an impact and make a big deal on everything that affects me similar to how a grenade would do. I always give too much. I get too happy, too sad, give too much effort, and the list goes on. Another thing is what I like to call my motivation as to how much impact I can voice out to others using the blog of mine. That I can make use of the privileges that I have to share what I know and somehow help others. I think both names heavily reflect myself and my goals in making this blog.

What can we expect on your blog?

Expect nothing. That is what I can say. Don't expect anything as to I am never the same person everyday. There will be months in which I'd be jam-packed with contents and there will be months in which I can hardly post at all. So, as much as possible I won't be promising any content to be posted on a specific date.

What you can expect when I post new things though is I would never post something I think is irrelevant. I'll be a hundred percent honest on my reviews, features, and such. I may not have originally thought of some of the things I have posted here, I would make certain to add my own touch and weirdness to it. I would also (try at the very least to) do my best to post things which I think are fun, things you can get a lesson or two from, and things which would keep you entertained. I'll do all what I can to make this blog worth your time!

Wrapping everything up, I hope you enjoy your stay here in my blog and may the universe contrive to bring happiness to all of you!

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