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Sunday, November 16, 2014


Hi Readers! 

Today we'll talk about one of trending and contreversial news happening with bookworms,

it's the #SaveLiterature created and implemented by various readers mainly because they want to increase the quality of today's literary pieces.

(cto) Marcelo Santos IV Facebook Page

Now, many of you may wonder, "why is he putting up this topic in his blog? why not put a book review?"

The answer is simple - I want to inform. 

Yesterday one of my bookworm ates told me that she finds my blog great. She even told me that I can write better than her. She told me one sentence which will stay forever in my heart, she told me    "Hope to see your book someday in NBS."

That made me realize that I'm making a great impact to my readers. That blogging comes with great responsibilities.

That's the main reason of this article. We need to be informed on the quality of literary pieces that we read.

because books as we are informed or not, affect and influence our daily lives.

Now, what is the quality of today's literary pieces?

I have nothing against today's books. I am not against them, I actually support them. These books actually improve the Philippine Literature. But not all of them.

Let's talk about #SaveLiterature

For me, it's made to inform and make Filipinos alert that being a writer doesn't just come by writing stories in wattpad and sharing it to your readers. Writers should inform, help, and improve their fellow countrymen. They should contribute in improving the quality of Philippine Literature. That when you're a writer, everything you write and share to you readers, may it be on social medias, wattpad, or the physical book itself, give impact to the lives of their readers. That if you start to become a writer, from the time you wake up to the time you sleep you have a mission to help your country. 

Now, to clear everyone's mind, NO. I'm not against Marcelo Santos III. I actually like his books.

Also, NO, I'm not against Marcelo Santos IV in his advocacy to improve the quality of today's literature. I actually like it, that he is posting some of Dr. Jose Rizal's works in his page.

Now for me, most of the writers in this generation doesn't decrease the quality of the Philippine Literature. Sometimes, we just don't agree to what they say, post, or write. That's also the reason why many readers differ, because each person/reader in this world is unique, we have different preferences/choices. Now when one reader doesn't like a writer, I think we should just respect the writer. 

But at the end of the day, you are the one who's going to decide. Ask this question to yourself, "Is the quality of today's work decreased?" By that you'll know if for you do really need to make an improvement.

For me, no and yes. No, the quality of today's work is not decreasing because I do believe that our life is a never ending learning process. All writers, eventually, will someday make an act to improve our literature. Yes, because based on my observation, many readers actually prefer reading some works which doesn't have moral lessons, or those works which has bad effects on our world. Social Medias are everywhere! Many readers are exposed to these literature which doesn't help. 

Now to help you more, I have asked some of my personal friends, friends from Pinoy Book Freaks United, and Book Geeks PH for their thoughts, opinions, and reactions regarding the topic.

 "Literature are books and writings published on a particular object. Those written works who're considered of superior or lasting artistic merit are a great example of literature. Modern Filipino Literature nowadays are composed of stories made by young Filipino writers and authors. It's a good example for aspiring young Pinoys who wants to be a writer someday. But come to think of it, are the works of those young Filipino writers / authors are worthy enough to be published and be read by a lot of young Pinoys? Will it help the young minds to be molded greatly? Do these books contain good knowledge for our teenagers/adolescents that may help them pursue their own goals and dreams? I think not. Most of these works are purely cliche romance stories or crappy love advices. I think it's time for those well known Pinoy authors to make a much more sensible kind of books and stories to help their young readers in molding their own perspective in life. #SaveLiterature" - Percival Esguerra

"Hindi ako aware sa #SaveLiterature na yan, pero siguro narinig ko na sa mga ibang geeks before. Ang issue lang siguro eh yung realidad na mas maraming support from publishers/readers na nakukuha ang ibang mga writers ng mostly romance/love chena etc etc than yung mga mas legit na authors. 

Example na lang yung BR book namin ngayon na Responde ni Norman Wilwayco. Gusto basahin ni Abby pero di sya makahanap sa mga bookstores, kahit online madalang lang.. pero kahit saan makakakita ka ng mga Wattpad books or PHR na nakalagay pa sa shelf na PHIL. LIT sa NBS..

I'm not saying na pangit lahat ng mga wattpad or phr or kung anik anik pa, pero nakakalungkot lang isipin na yung mga ibang books na astig naman tlg eh walang suporta sa mga publishing companies natin. Why? Kasi mabenta ang love stories. At apparently, yung term na "kalandian" etc ay bentang benta sa kabataan. 

No need to save literature though, it's not dying. hhahaha. Yung mga neurons siguro ng mga readers ang dying lol. joke. 

Pero seriously, di naman ako pabor sa pagboycott ng kahit na sinong writers. Ang key diyan eh, as a reader, mas maging mapagexplore na lang tayo sa lahat ng sulok ng literature. Yan ang reality eh, benta ang kung ano ang bet ng kabataan - sila ang pinaka hyper na consumers. Wala rin akong idea kung paano ishift ang imbalance - nananalig na lang ako na kung mga readers talaga sila na sumusuporta sa kung sino man ang gustong iboycott na writers ng iba, eh one day sana mag evolve din ang taste nila at maghanap ng libro na hindi lang puro lovelife or broken hearted cheverlu ang nakasulat." - Camille Granados

"Anyone who wants to write can publish. It's always up to the readers which type literature dies or survives." - Jimcarl Somera

" 'It really depends with the readers, and i agree with that, hands up.'

I would like to set this as an example:

I have a sister, she's in highschool now. At first the books that she's reading are disney books, books like, beauty and beast, jack and beanstalk, etc.

But when she reached highschool she started to read wattpad stories. Dumating nga sa punto na. i can't see her around the house because she's always inside her room holding her ipad reading wattpad stories. then her grades become low and i always see her txting and talking with someone on the phone.

In some way the stories and the community corrupted her mind. i told her to stop or somehow lessen and know her priorities,  but her reply is simple.

She said "IT'S MY DECISION"" - Luviee Booker

"Okay, if tinanong ako about this #SaveLiterature thingy before I started out my college life, I would’ve been really close-minded about this. Not because I think that Filipino writers are killing literature, but because of what I think about Marcelo Santos. So being a Literature major, somehow nawala yung pagka-bias ko because of my personal opinions. The thing is, Filipinos are definitely NOT destroying literature. I mean, come on. Why would anyone think that? Because of Marcelo Santos, because of Wattpad? Let’s stop judging especially when we have not yet read such works. Most importantly, wag po tayong mag-generalize. 

Okay, let’s talk about Wattpad. Yes, it has this “cheesy”, “puro romance”, “cliché” stereotype. But think about it, anong pinaglalaban ng pagjudge natin because it is the way it is when yun naman talaga ang intention ng writer? Judge it when ang sinabi is that it talks about scientific stuff or religious things when in fact it’s a love story. But no, when you started to read it, you know that it’ll be that way. So what’s the point, right? It’s like you’re judging a 5-year-old kid for not excelling in geometry or asking a very old man/woman to lift the barbell. Look at it the way it needs to be looked at. And I’ll proudly say that I am a Literature major student who writes and reads Wattpad stories. So please judge me if you must but I am proud!

Then there’s Marcelo Santos. Here’s the deal, I don’t like him but I am doing my best to ignore him because I have not read any of his works, and I don’t even know if I intend to read any of it. I know that what Marcelo said na hindi siya mahilig magbasa and all ay super affected ang lahat. Because really, one should read a lot to become a better writer. Trust me, I know. But ang hindi pagbabasa or ang hindi paghilig sa pagbabasa ay hindi hadlang for one to become a writer, always remember that. Anyone can be a good writer. And if you’re judging Mr. Marcelo Santos, judge him nalang quietly. Lahat tayo ay may karapatan to judge, but please do so in an appropriate manner na wala tayong natatapkang tao.

Most importantly, basahin niyo muna bago niyo ijudge. Actually, basahin niyo lahat. Pangit man yan, jologs man yan, cheesy man yan, do so. You’ll learn more if you’ll read more. Filipino writers should never stop writing, we are not destroying literature. Those who keeps on judging and mga tumatapak sa kapwa nila at kababayan nila ang siyang sumisira ng literature. " - Feather Casilan

"Okay, my opinion is that we should encourage Filipino readers to read classics instead of most of the Wattpad books " - Laurence Tan, owner of luciusflux.

"Okay. Well to be honest, I'm not much of a reader of Philippine Lit and I'm quite ashamed of myself because of that. You know, how can I call myself a reader if I don't read our own literary works? Though I don't mean like I don't "entirely" read them. it's just I'm not a fan, and I only read very occasionally. I've read some books of Bob Ong and Jason Lo, and of course those reading materials required for school. But other than that I haven't tried anything more. Especially the so-called and mainstream wattpad stories and more importantly, the main subject of the advocacy,  Marcelo Santos' works. Nope. I won't even dare. I don't know. Since I'm not a Phil. Lit fan, maybe I'm not in the right position to say something because what do i know anyway? But just a thought, since you're asking for an opinion. hahaha. Uhm, maybe the hashtag is a little harsh because it looks like it is meant for only one person which is Marcelo Santos, but at the same time, I think it is quite right. One thing maybe is because we're being dominated by the wattpad stories. Don't you think it's too much? Too many published books which contains cliches and repeating stories over and over again. I've also read other articles about other people's thoughts on this. And yeah, it seems that Phil. Lit on our generation is really lacking the "substance", the "essence" and they more like just mere words creating stories. But, really, I don't have much say on this because I don't read a lot of Philippine literary works. And I don't want to judge and just leave an opinion without strong justification." - Erika Eñeco

"My opinion is that, our literature is not really dying. Mali lang yung mga channel na naipapakita sa mga bagong mambabasa na karamihan ay kabataan. Mali lang yung pagmarket ng mga nobela o libro na dapat ipamahagi sa mga kabataan. Gone were the days na hahanapin mo talaga yung libro ni Bautista kasi kadalasan nauubusan ka ng kopya.

In my opinion, siguro kung mabuksan lang ang isip ng ma bagong henerasyon ng mambabasa na mas may mga makabuluhan pang babasahin at mga author pa ang kailangan madiskubre, well I think makokorek natin yung thinking na dying na ang Philippine Literature

There are many potential Filipino writers that just need to heard. Problema minsan sa publishers din.

Kasi diba uso ngayon yung mga Wattpad stories and the likes, publishers tend to choose in the area only. Other amateur writers were being neglected. We just need to support those underrated writers. Don't have anything against those Wattpad writers tho. Kasi nagbabasa din ako dun. You just need to choose kung sino talaga yung may "sense" at alam ang kanyang sinusulat." - Jennylyn Cuba 

"As much as we want to support our own writers we simply can not. the in thing nowadays like what most said - the wattpads, they can write their own story and most of the time, read stories written by others. okay sana to promote enhancing your skill if you have it in writing di ba kaya lang ang problema the story not really promotes the right values that the kids need nowadays. para kasing ang nangyayari (sa tingin ko ha), they try to imitate the western countries - easy hook-ups, bad ass attitude etc. yes, love story but then again, teens are teens, and they are still foamlike when it comes to decision making and understanding. so if they read something, akala nila since sikat na story etc okay na gayahin or act like it if may same scenarios. sana lang yung mga writers may limitations. parang sa mga newspapers before. i think there was  a time na talamak ang mga tabloid na super non-sense ang mga news, inappropriate sa mga nakakabasa coz hindi naman yan para itago ng mga matatanda coz yung iba hindi nila naiisip na masama. for them since nasa newspaper kahit tabloid pa yan, may writer, legit. good thing nagkaroon ng pagpapahinto sa mga tabloid although meron pa rin pero hindi na ganun kadami unlike before. same with books. since in sa mga teens ang hook-ups, dating etc etc dun din nag focus ang mga writers pero most of the time hindi nila naiisip na may ibang approach din sana silang ini-include sa story to instill the right values. i tried reading those wattpads as well coz my nieces were into it and they were excited to tell me. unfortunately, i didn't  like it. ang naisip ko agad, walang matutunan dito. parang they are encouraging at certain age to act out and do stuff na hindi pa talaga dapat at their age. bottomline kasi since kumikita, deadma na lang kahit hindi na tama. " - Soleil Moi

"All I can say about this topic is dapat all writers and readers should support and love one another because we are under one community. You may not like what I like and vice versa pero it doesn't mean na hindi na maganda or worthy yung content. I'm into #SaveLiterature if its mission is to raise awareness and to encourage people specially teens to read books. But as of now, all I can see regarding this topic is puro lang hate pertaining sa literature na hindi nila gaanong like so this is a huge no no for me haha specially if its coming from someone who thinks highly of himself pero di man lang nya matawag na reader yung sarili nya. Like how can you judge a book if hindi mo pa naman nababasa. Overall, I say, promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate. That is all, thanks Matt! Haha " - Sam Lopez 

"I seriously don't know anything about this campaign but sa nakuha ko from your post, I don't think literature needs saving. Granted, I'm not an expert in Filipino works and I have just been starting to read some of them pero di ba unfair naman yun for writers and readers? Parang ang dating, idiscourage ang mga taong gustong magbasa ng ganitong klaseng mga libro. What are we, preservationists? We are readers and readers encourage reading no matter how stupid the books are. Malay mo, sa simula lang yan. In the future, tatamarin din silang magbasa ng shitty literature kasi paulit-ulit lang naman ang themes at minsan storylines. Isn't it that the only constant thing in life is change? Para namang ayaw nating magkaroon ng pagbabago niyan kung ganyan. But this is why there are classic books. It's because no matter how long the stories were written, or how outdated the expressions and manner of speaking are or how far the lands where they happened, the books will withstand the test of time. So, who cares if they write more repulsive books? As long as, in time, some book will rise and prove itself to be actual literature and not just trash. I'm sure meron yan. Honestly, though, this wattpad stuff is quite revolting." - Alona Asdilla

"Ever thought about what most teens and kids read the most of the days? Three words, CLICHÉD LOVE STORIES. Its true we've fandomed about the trending wattpad stories. (We have even made a movie about it!) Honestly I've read those books pero ngayon ko lang na-realized na mas maraming Pinoy ang nagbabasa ng love stories kaysa sa mga mas magandang books na nakakadagdag kaalaman at katalinuhan. Let's ask ourselves saan natin nakukuha yung mga kaalaman natin. Simple, BOOKS. I'm not a straight A student that to say that my knowledge came from books, I'm just saying na mas madalas sa libro nakukuha ang mga ideas at intelligence. Where did you think those famous scientists, writer lawyers and etc. got their intelligence? Dr. Jose Rizal said that "ang kabataan ay pag-asa ng bayan", paano na yan kung ang kabataan ay ang binabasa ay love stories ang alam.Think about what would happen to the future leaders of the Philippines, think about it long and hard. Hindi ako nagsusulat ng mga opinion para mang-bash kung di nagsulat ako para sabihin na are these trending books worth the time reading?" - Alexandra Alday@AlexandraBuela.

" Im sorry but how does one define "Literature" again? Is it safe to say that any written work, is literature? Or should it be something superior? Has been recognized in several countries has won countless awards et al? I dont read wattpad stories, i dont recommend them too, i often lambast how its poorly written,but that doesnt mean I hate them. It doesnt mean they dont deserve the chance to be read by others. We will never know,the stories written there, no matter how senseless, no matter how shallow, could already be helping mold talents of young minds now. Im a product of Archie and Funny comics. It has brougt me closer to reading, as a hobby. It was a stepping stone for me. We'll never know how how wattpad stories could bring the youth closer to reading and away from more non sensical things such as drigs to name a few. After all, whats considered a great work is always subjective. Yes, i dont read wattpad stories, mainly because it hurts my eyes, but it could be a safe haven for some. So in short...mas masahol pa kung sinuman nag pauso nyang #saveliterature na yan. Baka nga wala pang naisulat yan e." - Criselle Musngi-Domingo

"the indie culture is gradually overpowering the mainstream, isn't it? the idea is not to sell out, but rather.. to have the audience "buying in"... boycott is not the solution, education is, coz only through it we can negate intimidation from "intellectualism". yes intimidation is the problem, kasi naman, paano mo ba maaappreciate ang ideyang di mo naman naiintindihan? paano ka maaattached sa nuances na hindi mo naman kayang basahin?

myea, di ko maintindihan yang #saveliterature na yan... palagi ko tong sinasabi sa mga repa ko, walang mali sa literatura, ang mali nasa tao,... sino ba ang bumibili ng bilasa na isda sa palengke, diba ung walang muwang sa pamamalengke?

turuan na munang magbasa ang kabataan, ayun lang parang dehins priority ng gov't, tsaka variety is healthy naman a, pro coexistence ako palagi e, hahaha, siguro dahil sa kakabasa ko tungkol sa dynamics of a sound ecosystem..." - Vic Santiago

Hoping that someday, our literature will be one of the best!