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Monday, March 16, 2015


Hello Readers! So summer vacation is right around the corner. And our exams are done! I can now post more regularly!

So today, I decided to post another entry for my Book Updates. And our topic for today, is Which do you prefer? Real Books or E-Books?

Now this topic is not the newest one but, I still want to share to you guys my opinions, and my friends opinions too. 

For all of you guys, I decided to put some pictures (even though they're probably ugly)  and we will talk about several factors affecting the "battle" between these to formats of reading.

Let's begin!

1.) Affordability. Who doesn't look at the book's price? (Well probably rich persons) I know a lot of us do. So, one of the main reasons why the battle between e-book and a physical book occur is its price. Real books (especially when in the hardbound format) is usually expensive. On the other hand, e-books are sold at a not so very low price, but cheaper than physical books. This factor is favoring e-books. (Real Book - 0 ; E-Book - 1)

2.) Availability. This is also one of the main factors why readers get annoyed. The feeling of excitement and happiness while entering the bookstore and suddenly, you found out that the book you've been wanting is sold out. On the other hand, the e-books stores never run out of digital copies of books. Especially when the book is newly released, e-book is one of the first solution of those who were not able to purchase the actual book.

3.) Durability. This is not very talked about or elaborated from various readers. So I took the opportunity to express my opinions regarding the two formats' durability. A physical book, can easily be torn, soaked, creased, etc. but it costs a very impossible experience to be able to torn or ruin a lot of books at the same time. On other words, 1 book can get ruin at a period of time. Also, a book even though it was soaked, I believe can sometimes be read even though it has that wavy pages. On the other hand, and e-book reader, cannot be torn, creased, etc. but it can possibly break when it fell from a high place or soaked into water but e-book reader has a different case, once a reader breaks the hundreds of books on that machine disappears too and It's very hassle to restore all of that. Physical books also last longer than e-book reader when given the same care. So in this factor, physical books are much durable. 

4.) Sentimental Value. Physical books can be inserted with notes, can be a gift one by one, can be wrapped one by one, can be passed to the next generation, can be a vintage or old book, you can have them signed, the sentimental value possibilities are endless. On the other hand e-books can be, yeah, purchased and you can have gift cards, yeah. (Real Books - 2 ; e-Books - 2)

5.) Experience. This one has to be the most wanted thing a reader can think of. The physical book just gives you so much experience than the e-book. The smell of freshly printed pages are like the bibliophile's drugs. The feeling of turning the last page of the book is a priceless moment. The feeling of rereading the exact same book that you read once will never replace e-books. On the other hand, e-books provide a much modern experience, you can easily bookmark, put notes, or search in the dictionary. Though for me, regarding this factor, the real book is no match for an e-book.

6.) Convenience. A reader will be more inspired to read if the book or reading experience is convenient. The physical book, is very hard to read while laying in your bed, it's also very hard to do another task such as chatting, eating or something while reading a physical book. Real books also are heavy and not perfect or recommendable to bring, especially if you're a fast or wide reader, during vacations. E-Books, on the other hand, are much convenient to read. It only requires one of your hands to flip the page and you can bring a thousand of book in just a single device.

My final evaluation is a tie. 3 points for Real Books, and 3 Points for e-Books, but because I'm the judge here, I'm adding a thousand points for the real books, because of the factors above (mainly with sentimental factor, and experience). Don't judge me. Just don't. And so for me, the Real book is much better. Though, I believe that it's not about how, when, what, why, where, you read a book, it's about learning from, enjoying with, and living in the story.

To help you decide, whether you agree with me. or to simply just read my friends' opinions. I asked them the same question I asked to myself. And so, here are what they said:

"Ebooks are a great convenience, but nothing compares to the feel of a book in your hand. At the end of the day, I would still prefer the real thing to the electronic version." - Ms. Kate Evangelista, author of Fractured Souls and Vicious Feast Series

"I prefer real books. I just think that real books let us have something to sniff. Hahaha . And paper cut. I think you can't really experience the feels of the book with ebooks. " - Kim Stephen Bejerano

"I prefer real books because you can always drop them and they never break (little damage, maybe, but they're still readable). Real books give me more excitement than those ebooks which you can erase accidentally. But still, I could prefer a PDF over a real book when I don't have money, or I'm too busy going to a bookstore, OR WHAT I FREAKING READ IS A CLIFFHANGER." - Jelo Francisco

"Well, obv [iously] real books are better but sometimes ebooks are more convenient tbh [to be honest]. Some book lovers out there loves reading but could not afford the paperback and some can. I think for me as long as your heart is with that story you are reading, it doesnt really matter if its books or ebooks." - Jessa Ann de Castro

"Depends on the book.. There are books that demands to be touched." - Hael Anne

"For me, its actually convenient if its ebooks because its cheaper and I can just download it. But I really love real books because I can see my memories with the book whenever I see the book itself. And its actually nice that I have books that I can touch the pages not like ebooks. And its nice to have a collection. For me, having a collection of books say that you are really interested in reading." - Bea Bautista

"I'm fine with both. But I can't seem to concentrate when I'm reading through ebooks. I get distracted and bored easily, so I end up surfing the net instead of reading when I'm using ebooks. I'm the kind of reader that likes the physical feeling of books (and the smell!!!). But whatever it is, as long as you enjoy and appreciate the works of an author, it does not matter whether you read through physical books or ebooks." - Mik Ricohermoso

"it depends. if i really liked the summary i'd crave for the physical book but if it's just for light reading or new authors, i'd be happy with an ebook. but nothing beats the scent of new books :"> " - Kathleen Lazaro

"I prefer real books, but I also read ebooks, why? One major reason, budget. But having real books is the best. You can't smell the pages of newly downloaded ebooks, you can't have the satisfaction of buying new book without doing that. There are so many reasons but that's my main concern, smelling the pages of books. Do I need psychiatric help? " - Mayeth Joy Bueno

"Real books of course. I understand that some use ebooks because it's free. Just one click away from internet. No hate pls, but we all know that is piracy. We can show our true love and support to the authors by availing their books. Or at least, reading their works, but as much as possible, not in the means of pirating." - ReyJan Gon

"ebooks for me because you can download it for free and its more handy.  but if i have money ofcourse i would love to buy real books to read and sniff them to death XD" - Regina Kalacas

"If buying, savoring, and collecting books is what you want, and if it's something you are capable of doing, then go for it.  I used to be part of team ebooks, but as time passed by, I realized reading the book on paper is different from reading it on screen. The texture is better. The emotions feel a little more real, and most importantly, the liveliness of the story seems to be all the more realistic.  However, keeping a copy of what you're reading as an ebook isn't half bad. It helps when it's night time. " - JM Cabral, owner of the Book Freak Revelations

"I am thankful for ebooks whenever I need to read the books I cannot own due to its unavailability. But at the end of the page of an ebook I still wish I have the published edition. Owning a physical book has its own pleasure. That's why most people are getting addicted to it." - Gypsy Esguerra

"books, because nothing can beat the feeling you get when you turn page after page after page. you're not only making a progress with the book, you're also making a progress within yourself. i believe that in every novel we read, in every page we turn, the story grows in a part of us that we will always carry wherever we go. so yah i luv em book [yeah I love them books]" - Kate Alcantara

"Although i am against cutting down trees for paper, i have to admit i have a soft spot for paper books because: 1 i can slam them shut when i get the feels, 2 i can smell the books, 3 they look nicer on a book shelf, 4 even book cover textures can have a "feel" 5 paper books never run out of battery, 6 there is nothing else like holding  actual books, 7 my eyes hurt, 8 using bookmarks is an art too, 9 it will be very weird to walk into a book store and just have the feel of walking into an apple iStore, 10  Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg ! also, when you carry a book with you and you take it out to read it in public or when smeone sees you reading it, it is considered as free advertising or promoting your author, right? like when the public sees YA books floating around, it kind of makes a "buzz" or trend that YA books are indeed more popular now than it was a few years ago." - Irene Tan

"In reading, it doesn't matter whether you read using real books or E-books. Well, most of us, READERS, prefer reading real book simply because it is much more comfortable and ideal. But practically speaking, E-book is much cheaper and portable to its users. But whether you’re holding or reading a book or an E-book, your MIND is still in charge  of turning every word you read into something MEANINGFUL, MAGICAL and most of all, MYSTICAL. Because in reading, your IMAGINATION is always out of control. Possibilities become limitless. And that’s the power of books and reading, it makes us create our new world." - Rance Carlos Dela Cruz

So that's it! Hope you had fun or enjoyed the post! Happy weekdays! 


  1. Real books for me because I love collecting them, feeling them and of course, smelling them. :D

    Danna @ A Reading Habit

    1. Thank you so much Danna for taking time to read my post! We also have the same opinion regarding the topic. Nothing can beat the smell, experience, texture, and the joy of reading in a physical book. Your blog looks so awesome by the way! Good luck and read more!

      Luigi of READING WITH LUIGI.