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Friday, November 20, 2015


Hi Readers!

So as the title says, I have two new things I'd like to add here in my blog and I'll be explaining later on, why, I've been off and not active for a while. 

Let's begin!

What are Random Talks and Writing Literature?

It's basically how you interpret the title. Random Talks will be about the random things and rants I want to talk about. It maybe about life, food, places, etc. Just randomly random things that comes to my mind. Writing Literature, on the other hand will be filled of literature, may it be poems, haiku, stories, etc, about a wide variety of topics that I want to express on. It's basically just me, expressing myself, but without or not about books this time. But, don't worry, this is just added features on my blog. Book reviews and such will still be seen on my blog.

Why add those two features?

It's mainly about one thing -- to pursue writing. It's basically that. I want to write, to write seriously, to write not just my opinion. If you are following me on twitter (that's @readingwluigi) you would know that my ultimate goal in life is to become a legit New York Times Bestselling Author. Just imagining myself as a legit author, it gives me goosebumps. And also, this is for my slow (on purpose) upgrade of my blog. I'm and I will make this blog into something that's more of me. That even though my reader life is off (which is practically every time, this year) I can still share something to you guys. I'm making this blog into something bigger.

Why were you always off? Until when will you be not active?

I was not active because my reading life is not active as well. I'm not active in my bookstagram as well. I can't read. I'm too busy with school and life. I'm busy with contests, projects, exams, all of that things. And I've been suffering with a reading slump. I think it's because of The Rose Society. I still, until now, don't have a copy of that book. And I was so looking forward to it. I want to read so bad, that everytime I read another book, I end up thinking of it which leads me to not understand the story. The gif below is basically how I read the past few weeks.

Now, until when will I be off? probably 'til Christmas vacation. I'll undergo an operation in my tonsils next week. And it requires more than 10 days rest. So yeah. And also, January, February, and March are not great months for reading. There's contests, our schools's intrams, exams, and all. So, yeah.

Upgrade in your blog, you say?

Yes. I am slowly upgrading my blog into something bigger and is much more me. You get to see me, in all perspectives. That's basically all I have that's clear. The rest are vague details I want. I'm also thinking of changing my blog name and url, crazy right? But that's how big this upgrade might get.


So that's it for today's explaining things post.

I'm sorry for the boo-boo. 

That's all for now.

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