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Friday, December 11, 2015


Hello wonderful readers!

As I've mentioned on my previous post here, I'll be doing Would You Rather Book Tag versions 1 and 2. I already have done the first one, here. So, I'll be doing the 2nd one! I am very much excited to answer the set of questions below!

Let's begin!

This version was created by steakuccino with a bunch of new questions different from the first one. And also, because we're technically in a book blog, I'm gonna pretend that the questions about booktube are questions about book blogs. Yeah?

Would you rather...

1. Would you rather do only review videos or only tag videos?

  • Hmm. I am having doubts on this one. I love making both. But, if I had to choose, I'd probably choose to only do tag videos. Tag videos are just like compilations of books that I've read. So on another way, I'm kinda reviewing books too. I am also a very on and off reader. There are times when I read five books in a month and there are times when I read a book in three months so, I don't know what I'm gonna do when the reader in me is off. Also, as I've said, I can still talk about how I loved a book in a tag, right? So a book tag is something I would enjoy more.

2. Would you rather always see the film first or never see the film version of books?
  • I am a movie person as much as I am a book person. So, I would rather always see the film first than to never see it again. Although it would probably annoy me because I've been spoiled, I would still want to see the film. In the film, I would also know if I wanted to read the book. But, I never base my desire to read the book based on the movie's plot, I decide base on If I want the topic in the movie. This is what happened in my Percy Jackson experience. I've watched the film first, and we all know that it sucks, but because I am really interested in Greek mythology, I still read the books. So, I would prefer to see the film first.

3. Would you rather have a list of every book you've ever read (like Goodreads from birth) or still have the physical copy of your first favorite book?
  • I am a very sentimental person but I think I would prefer to have a list of every book I've ever read. I really liked a lot of books when I was young but I can't remember their title. It would be fun if I can reread and search for those books. Also, if I have the physical copy of my first favorite book, I would probably crave for more. So I need that list. I really need it. I also like to know what I've been reading because I've read a lot of stories with the same plot. So, I'll go with the goodreads since birth.

4. Would you rather have an active in-person book club of non-book bloggers or have lunch with your best book blog buddy once a year?
  • I don't really know. I am an ambivert. I tend to become introvert to people who've seen me extrovert in the internet. And I tend to become extrovert to people I get to bond with, like physically. So, I think I'd rather have an active in-person book club of non-book bloggers. I'd like to meet them like for the first time so we can bond and talk about books. Unlike my best book blog buddy, they probably have seen me in my worst form. Haha! And, I am more of an internet person, so having an in-person book club will develop my social and physical skills.

5. Would you rather have the time to read everything you want to read or the money to buy everything you want to read?
  • I believe that time is priceless. It can never be paid for. You can never pay to have time to read. But money can be earned, you can work for it. So, I'd obviously pick time to read everything than the money to buy everything. And for a student like me? A couple of hours of leisure is a blessing!

6. Would you rather dream cast the film or have editing power over the script for the film version or your fave?
  • A very tricky question, this is. I think, I'd rather have editing power over the script for the film. I have to be honest, it annoys me very much if the movie has a very ugly plot. I also am not great at dream casting. I usually imagine the characters as anime or cartoon characters. I really don't know why. I envy those who can imagine a perfect actor for a role because I cannot do that. Also, if I'll choose the cast, who knows if the actors that I'll like can act well right? I really like to follow the book. So, if I have the editing power in the script, I'll make sure that the script will be very close to my favorite book. How I wish, I can do that to Percy Jackson. *cries*

7. Would you rather have your favorite fictional superpower or your favorite fictional technology?
  • Can I say both? Of course, I can't. So, I'll go ahead with I'd rather have my favorite fictional superpower since almost all my favorite fictional character have superpower than fictional technology. Oh man, I'd be the happiest person on Earth if I could have Percy Jackson's powers. I'll tell you a story, when I was little (the time when I haven't discovered Percy Jackson), I'd pretend I have control over water. I'll put my hand above a faucet so it'll look like water is coming out of my hand. Haha! I always have dreams of me being able to control water, until now. It'd be cool also to have Alina's powers. Like summoning the sun? Cool! And Adelina's powers. That is one of the most unique powers I have ever seen or read. Yeah, I'd go with powers.

8. Would you rather read an amazing story with a 'meh' ending or a 'meh' story with a spectacular ending?
  • Honestly, I'd really want to have a 'meh' story with a spectacular ending because what usually remains with me is the ending. But, knowing myself, I wouldn't reach the end of a 'meh' story. I don't like wasting my time with books, so if I don't like it, I'd put it down and read it again maybe months after to see if I liked it already. If I really don't like it, I won't read until destiny makes me too. So my ambitious answer is I'd rather read a 'meh' story with a spectacular ending. My realistic answer is me ending up reading an amazing story with a 'meh' ending.

9. Would you rather not be able to read in a moving vehicle or not be able to read lying down?
  • Easy, I'd rather not be able to read in a moving vehicle because I really do not. Haha! I can't read in a moving vehicle (jeep, car, etc.) Although, I haven't tried riding on an airplane and a boat, so who knows? But I can't read on common moving vehicles. Don't ever dare stop me for reading while lying down. Almost all of my reading happens while lying down. I either read lying down on my bed or read sitting down on my bed. Clearly, I'd rather not be able to read in a moving vehicle.

10. Would you rather reread your favorite book or series with fresh eyes, like the first time, or be able to un-read your biggest disappointment?
  • I am very sure of my answer on this one, I'd rather reread my favorite series, with Percy Jackson, with fresh eyes. I just really want to giggle, enjoy, and lol my heart out on this series. I also look forward to what I think of it if it was not the first series that I've read since I'll read it with fresh eyes. As an aspiring author, I think un-reading my biggest disappointment will not help me in any way. I need those disappointments for my writing to grow. So that, I'll know what are those elements that make a book  a disappointment. It will help me grow as a writer and a reader. So yeah, I'd very much like to reread my favorite series with open eyes.

Bonus Question: Would you rather go to Hogwarts or live in Middle Earth?
  • I don't like to offend anyone but I don't have much of an experience with Hogwarts nor with Middle Earth. I have not read nor watched the Harry Potter series, which is a shame, I know. It's just that, my interest for it is not that great. TBH, I hate or quite dislike Harry Potter before but after knowing things about it, I quite am interested. Maybe someday in the future. Now, middle earth, this one's from The Hobbit right? I watched all the movies for that one. So I have below average information about that. Though, if you'll have to ask me now, I'll go with Hogwarts. Why? because there's magic. 


And so that is it! Of course, before saying goodbye, I'd have to tag some of the best book bloggers I know. I tag:

Erika over at The Nocturnal Fey
Raffy over at Eccentric Everything

and of course, you, who's reading this. Make sure to tag me if you decided to do the tag because of my blog!

Sorry if I tag the same people. They're the most approachable I could think of. Haha!
I hope you guys enjoyed this post! What are your opinion on some of the questions? Make sure to leave a comment below! Please do follow my blog via GFC or email which can be found on the sidebar. I'll be writing soon and advance happy holidays!

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