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Friday, December 18, 2015


Hello wonderful readers!

I am here today to bring you something very festive and fun! As you all know (well you probably have noticed), book tags are something that I enjoy recently and I am a big lover of everything Christmas. I have found the perfect solution to enjoy the best of both worlds. I went across Regan's PeruseProject and she recently uploaded a tag video doing Tis the Season book tag. What better thing to do, as it is 7 days left before Christmas, than to do it as well, right?

Let's begin!

Tis the Season Book Tag is created by RichardDenney. It's basically answering 7 questions about the Winter Season (or the cold/wet season here in my country, the Philippines) and everything about it. This is a very fun and festive tag and I am excited to do it!

1. Do you have a favorite Winter read?

  • I don't have much of an annual rereading thing going on with my life, so my complete answer to this question is very complex. I'm just gonna go with the first thing that came into my mind. When I think of a cozy, cold, tucked-up-in-bed kind of weather the first thing that comes to my mind is The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. What better book right? To let your tears drop (well, I never experienced this before, haha!) while the rain pours outside while drinking a cup of hot chocolate. It's just to comfy to read (and a little heartbreaking). It's fun to read while giggling and Amsterdam! It's a great book to read in this season. Do I need to explain this book? You probably know it already. For me, I want to read this while it's freezing cold and I have a thick blanket on my bed with hot chocolate by my side.

2. Find a book with blue on the cover!

  • I don't just want to choose a book that has a blue cover, I wanted to choose a book with a blue cover that I loved the story and the cover. I choose The Young Elites by Marie Lu which I absolutely loved! I actually made a book review about it, here. So, you can read it to know more about it.  I just love the mysterious effect of the cover that doesn't show off. I also like this shade of blue. And at some point these dark clouds remind me of the Winter (Cold/Wet) Season here in the Philippines. Maybe because of the frequent typhoons happening here. I absolutely adored this cover and I choose this one for this questions.

3. Find a book you’d use as the star on a Christmas tree? 

  • I honestly have no doubts on my answer to this one. I chose the hardcover edition (very particular about the format because the paperback's quite small) of Percy Jackson's Greek Gods by Rick Riordan, illustrated by John Rocco. Is there any doubt about this? It's just so elegant from the inside and out. It's enormously huge and amazing. The outside is breath-taking and the inside is even more amazing than that. The illustrations on this one is wonderfully made. I just love it so much. Who would not? I mean, no one would disagree that this is a great choice for a star (but quite heavy). 

4. Pick one fictional place that would be perfect for a Winter vacation!

  • Non other than Camp Half-Blood from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan. I know what some of you may say, "but Luigi it's a summer camp!". You know my answer, I don't freakin' care, I wanna go there any time of the year. I just can't imagine how much happiness I'll have if I am able to go there. It's so amazing. I know you're probably not surprised by this. 

5. Pick one fictional character you’d take with you on your Winter vacation! 

  • I would really really love to be able to hang out and talk with June Iparis, Daniel Altan Wing, or even Kaede! But we (or some us know) all what happened to Kaede and Day is not really that much of an option since he will probably be boring to talk to because of some matters. (and that my friends, is my worst attempt to avoid telling you spoilers) I'd honestly say Percy Jackson but a.) there are so much Percy Jackson on my blog and even here on my post and b.) he has a lot more books unlike these characters. So June Iparis would be the perfect fictional character that I'd like to hang out. But not the wild and adventurous kind of hang out. I mean the chill, relaxed, and just talk and tell stories kind of hang out. I would very much love to talk to here about things and life and her heart breaks. I would love to know more about her. I just want us to be on a campfire (in Camp Half-Blood wohoo) with cups of hot chocolates with marshmallows and just talk and bond. That would be so much perfect.

6. Name one book on your Wishlist this year!

Photo Credit to Publisher

  • I have a list that never ends of books I want to have, but one of those on the top (or probably the top) is The Rose Society by Marie Lu. I just can't wait any longer to read it. I, seemingly never got the chance to purchase it, I am very looking forward. Even after months, I still am raging about it. Ahhh, I need to have it in my shelff! (I honestly have a slump because of it.)
  • Because I also wanted to tell you things I love and want to have in the moment, I'm copying what Regan did which she also told some of her wishlist not book wise. In terms of clothing, I really really adore and love Inspiration's shirts! They are very very cute and very inspirational! In terms of food, I am obsessed with anything peppermint today. I also like cookies! Drink wise, different and unique hot choco or peppermint flavored coffees will do. I really want cute mugs too! I am in need of mugs.

7. Favorite Holiday drink, treat, & movie?

Photo credits to makers
  • I have a lot of favorites but I'm stating a few. My favorite holiday drink are, as you probably noticed above, hot chocolate (I love those with marshmallows) and peppermint drinks. I usually order double shot peppermint mocha on ice these days. In terms of holiday treat, I recently discovered (if you're following me on my personal instagram, @luigimacapagal you must have seen that) and liked peppermint marshmallows that are so good. I also love cookies this time of the year! Ice cream is perfect any time of the year. In terms of movies, I really really love Rise of the Guardians. It just so winter-y and fun! There's Jack Frost and North (a.k.a Santa Claus) and loads of presents and fun! I just absolutely love it. I've watched it a lot of times! 
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And so that is it for today's extra festive post! Did you agree with my answers? What were yours? Make sure to comment them down below!

I tag:

Jasmine from Jasmine Pearl Reads
Elena from The Queen Reads
Erika from The Nocturnal Fey
Rafael from The Royal Polar Bear Reads

Well, that was fun! I can't believe it's so near to Christmas. I am very excited!

I hope you had a great time reading this extra-festive post! I sure did. I will have another post (and some announcements) coming very soon and so let's begin again then?

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