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Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Hello, hi, and welcome to today's post! For today, I am launching a new series in the blog called "Let's Talk About". The name says it all, every once in a while I'll be discussing things that interests me in hopes of bringing you some new pieces of information or discoveries that might be helpful to you guys. I hope that made sense because I did my best to explain it in a not literal way. 

Nonetheless, let's get started!

For today's first installment of my new series, I'll be talking about a very helpful thing that I think is so underrated (well, at least from the place where I live in). I'll be talking about podcasts! Basically, what it is is a mix of an audiobook and a talk show/youtube video. Now, I've heard about this "thing" once in a while. It's always being mentioned in Tyler Oakley's outro. I've heard it a couple of times on youtube videos. But never have I seen it anywhere that made me really want to know more about podcasts. All of where I hear it from are just casual mentions like it's nothing that important to check out. That all changed when I was randomly watching snapchat videos (which I really use a lot) and I saw Marcus Butler's video promoting his new podcast, Lower Your Expectations. With all my will, I finally took the time to know more about podcasts and my life has never been the same ever since.

Podcasts are one of the most helpful sources of entertainment which are free that doesn't allow your full attention meaning you can listen it while doing something else but still is as entertaining if you were to watch a full youtube video or a talk show. What I find amazing about podcasts that I listen to though is that it gives the perfect amount of entertainment and things to listen to without actually dragging your complete attention. Like I can actually do school works while listening to podcasts and end up finishing my work and enjoying the podcasts both at the same time. Personally, I prefer studying or working while something else is on or happening that's entertaining. I would often study while a movie's on, write essays while a youtube video is playing or perhaps a vlog, but what I find off with this kind of habit is that I end up sacrificing one of the two things I'm doing at the same time. I either get too focused on studying that I forget that a movie's on ending up not enjoying it or I get too entertained that I end up watching the movie and abandoning my responsibilities. I think it's because youtube videos/movies require too much attention to get what's happening in it. You would need to look up to the screen every once in a while to understand the whole video, and that often results to me not finishing my work. That's the thing I enjoy most about podcasts, I end up really understanding the podcasts because it only requires my sense of hearing and studying requires the sense of sight so it can really simultaneously work out. If you're thinking that "but Luigi you can always listen to songs", the problem is I get too emotional with songs that I sing along with it which results to me being distracted from studying. You see, podcasts is the ultimate entertainment companion to your quiet workplace/studying area! 

If I really got you interested in trying out podcasts (which I hope I did), I am now recommending you podcasts I really really love! If you're an android user you can listen to podcasts via soundcloud! There are really great free podcasts there! If you're an apple user (like myself), you can head on to the podcasts app, I think it's automatically downloaded on an apple device, but you can always download it on the app store.

Now on my recommendations, I have two podcasts that I really love.

First of, I am recommending Pyschobabble by Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl. This podcasts literally gave me the giggles while working. It is so entertaining and really uplifting. If you're having a bad day, just listening to Tyler's laugh would probably knock you off your chair. At the same time, I am really entertained with how they tackle topics and I just think that their podcasts are one of the best out there. It's entertaining, informative, fun, and free -- what more could you ask for? Right now, I am only twenty episodes out of a hundred and twenty but am having so much already! Although I would advise that if you don't like overboard topics, you're innocent about life, and you're lacking an open mind, then this podcasts isn't for you. Be warned. Haha!

Second and lastly, I would recommend Lower Your Expectations by Marcus Butler and Matt Viney. Now, I am not a hundred percent familiar about everything in this podcast, but I think it's worthwhile. I am only on the first out of seven episodes but I quite enjoyed it. I think it's a much relaxed and more serious take on the first podcast I recommended.

And I think that's it. That is it for today post. Did you like it? Let me know! I also am really happy with the track I am taking with this blog relaunch. Have you listened to podcasts before? Let me know and let's chat about it. Have you gained interest on podcasts because of this blog post of mine? Please let me know I would be so happy if I helped you out. Basically chat me through the comments below! 

Before ending this post, I would like to remind you guys that I am having a giveaway! Head on to my facebook page or click here to redirect you to my giveaway!

Is that it? I think it is. Again let me know your thoughts and let's discuss! I wish you all the best and may the universe contrive to bring happiness to you!

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