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Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Hi Readers! "Tuesdays with Tips to Readers" will now be "Tips to Readers". See my latest post for more details! Here we'll talk about the tips I and my friends want to give!

Of course, I have mine.

This is the best tip that I could give to a reader. " Read, read, and read. Don't let anyone stop you. "

Here's our first guest! She's a friend of mine named Alexandra Alday. She's my classmate when I was in elementary.

"What is the best tip that you could give to a reader?" I started.

"Always read, this enhances your reading skills, and most of all reading stories can take you to your wildest dreams." She replied.

That's the end for our first guest. She's a busy person ( I could understand her because we're both High School Students )

Wait! There's more.

I have asked a 17 year old girl named Leah Ma. Carina D. Pablo, who is the owner of an awesome Instagram book account named @_carinareads ( instagram.com/_carinareads ) some questions about our topic today.

"What is the best tip that you could give to a reader?" I asked.

"best tip: just read the book/s that will catch your attention. don't just trust on book reviews, it's fun to read blindly and be the first one to love a new book." she replied.

"Thank You. What pushed you to build an IG Book Account and share some tips, opinions, reviews, etc. to others?" I continued.

"booktube gave me the "push" to express my love for books but since i don't have time to film, edit, upload and make myself look presentable. i chose instagram as my next source. Tips : just enjoy posting pictures and creating reviews and many more for you to be heard. it won't cost you a bit if you won't do it. also, have fun doing it because maybe you'll have some book buddies or people who'll enjoy and agree with your thoughts." she answered.

"Are there times that you thought to stop posting in your Book account, stop giving tips to readers and stop doing book related stuffs? If yes or no, why do you think that happened?" I asked.

"yes, these past weeks were hell and i wasn't really that active at the same time losing some followers because of my University life... but, i decided to keep going because i love books, i love how people understand my opinions and interacting with them really uplifts my spirit." she replied.

"Have you ever received a bad comment? What are your advise/tip to those who receive bad comments?" I continued.

"yes. it's a funny story actually.. i was doing a book challenge back then and it involves a "sad death" or something like that.. and i posted it ( of course ). and i warned them.. i warned my fellow book lovers if they don't want to be spoiled.. just stop reading. and then.. there was one account who got angry with what i've made. well, indirectly but i saw his/her post about me. it involves something about an account "spoiling" him/her and that he/she hated that and that he/she would never finish "that book". and that kinda affected me because "he/she hated 'that' ( which is me ) account". so then, i was angry. and i posted my side because i did not know what triggered his/her rage and then that account tagged me. so i was like.. "WTF" i never said he/she should read my whole opinion about it... and yada-yada-yada. bottom line : i hated that account, that account hated mine and i blocked that said account. i just. ugh! it irks me so much that i've never gotten over it.

Tips : don't mind those people who are low and who do not respect you. as i said- keep doing what you're doing and own it!" she ended.

Thank you to everyone who made the past two days successful! The blog views was awesome! Hope you'll enjoy this one too!


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