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Thursday, February 4, 2016


Hello wonderful readers! 

I am here today to bring and celebrate 10 years of awesome books and graphic novels from First Second!

What is First Second?

First Second Books publishes great graphic novels. 

Is it first? Or second?
First Second Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Seventh.
Pressing the reset button. A clean slate. A fresh start.

Everything begins with the First Second. . . .

Reach the publisher at:

As First Second celebrates their 10th year in providing excellent quality graphic novels, I am here today to share some of their finest works!

Some of their best picks last January were:

Some of their recommendations this month are:

And yes, they are the creators of Anya's Ghost, In Real Life, and The Wrenchies which Jessethereader and every other booktuber seemed to like!


That is it for today's post! Just a quick celebration post for a wonderful publisher!

Disclaimer: I am NOT paid or sponsored to post and say kind words to First Second. All of what I said are solely my opinion. 

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