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Friday, May 6, 2016


Hello wonderful readers! 

Today is a very exciting day for I have teamed up with Raffy from Eccentric Everything to bring an exclusive and an original book tag to you guys!

First and foremost, this tag will be in a collaboration way, which means there are two different sets of questions on my blog and on Raffy's. I made up seven questions with relation to popular Pinoy Snacks and Raffy made up another set of seven questions about traditional Filipino Cuisine.

You can check out Raffy's answer to my questions in this post and you can see my answer to his questions, here or on the link below.

Link: www.eccentric-everything.blogspot.com/2016/05/the-pinoy-food-book-tag-collaboration.html

Let's begin!

As I have mentioned above, here are 7 Questions about Popular Pinoy Snacks and Raffy's answers are all below! I have to say, he has a good taste in books and characters that he chose. I have made my best efforts to come up with these seven questions and I hope you guys will like how it relates and appreciates Raffy's answers as well.

And after checking my post out, go ahead to Raffy's blog, Eccentric Everything or click here to check out my answers to his question on his blog.

I hope you'll like it!

1. Pansit - A traditional Filipino noodles which is believed to lengthen someone's life. For this, name a book you wish had more sequels or an author you wish wrote more books. 

The Proxy duology by Alex London. I chose this because I was really captivated by London’s amazing (albeit terrifying) dystopian future. And of course, it’s a significant work in our society since it represents a faction that is obviously under-represented then—the LGBT community. I’m a huge fan of science-fiction myself, and upon reading Proxy, I was pretty much content. But I feel that if you’re making another book about that world, you might as wll just write an entire series about it because of the vast potential this world has.

2. Fishball - A popular street food which is literally fish molded into balls then fried. For this, pick a book you would read again and again.

I have three books that I’d like to mention. First is Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. I’ve read this book twice now, and I’ve always been so captivated by how Riggs’s writing and his photographs complement each other well. Next is Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas. Now, I know, I’ve only finished this recently, but I feel that Celaena offers so much character for the readers that I’d want to know her for the first time over and over again. Also. Dorian. Um. Yep. Lastly, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I mean really. Rowling’s Wizarding World captured me even by the movies alone. And upon reading the first book, I wish I’d gotten my letter when I was 11 as well. *sad pug face*

    3. Taho - A popular morning food which is mainly composed of sago, soy, and a sweet syrup called arnibal. For this, pick a book you would love to see (or read) the first thing in the morning.

    Pardon me but I’ll be mentioning romance YA haha! Firstly, Burn for Burn. Not only does it revolve around a theme that was really important to be when I read it, it also depicted romance in a slightly more realistic way than others. Also, there were weird stuff that happened in that book. And those scenes made me feel warm. Next is This Is What Happy Looks Like. I’ve never doubed Smith from the beginning, but this book really spoke to me on a level that well, kinda mixed both reality and fantasy in one book. It talked about the reality behind celebrities, but at the same time, it dealt with family structures, friendship, and love.

    4. Isaw - A Philippines street food which are grilled animal intenstines, mainly chicken or pork. For this, pick a book you like but everyone else tells you it's bad. 

    To be honest,I’ve NEVER read a book and found it good while others didn’t. Mostly whenever someone tells me that this particular book is bad, I’d say, “I haven’t read that.” So........

    5. Halo-halo - A traditional summer quencher with main components of milk and shaved ice, along with some beans, leche flan, ube, etc. For this, pick a book that would quench your thirst for literature.

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. Can I answer Manga and Graphic Novels? They’re technically books. I’d say that these two factions of literature quench my inner thirst because, well, it’s been a routine for me to go and read Young-Adult novels per se, and Manga and Graphics really get me going on a literature vibe. Manga takes me back to my time in Japan, and gives me a preview as to what Japan’s culture really is, and Graphic Novels, well..... It’s an entirely different story, but it sparks my imagination on a WAY different level.

    6. Lugaw - A hot and savory rice porridge, optionally added with some eggs and garlic bits. For this, name a book that warms you up. Either in a romantical way or the literal way and such.

    The Maze of Bones by Rick Riordan. I know, I know. “The 39 Clues?! You have to be kidding me!” Well mind you, The 39 Clues was actually the series that officially got me started on taking reading seriously and until now, I can’t get enough of the entire Cahill deal. I’ve also read The Maze of Bones twice now, and I plan to do so more often in the future. Every time I get reminded of my childhood and what Amy and Dan went through, I get slightly teary-eyed, you know?

    7. Balut - A boiled duck egg. For this, name a book that is something that you have never read before. The book that stands out for you and is exotically good.

    Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Cristoff. Seriously. A DOSSIER?! I instantly got hooked and I loved it with all my heart. It's unique and brilliant. Perfect. I’ve never read a book like this. The writing style was oh, so hilarious! I literally laughed so hard I got scolded during some of the scenes with Ezra. The pacing was wonderful, and again, this is sci-fi so it’s an instant YES from me! Seriously, if you’re looking for romance, with space wars, with pandemics, this is your book. Can’t wait for Gemina! I hear there are aliens in that one.


    That is it for the questions I had for Raffy! You can check out Eccentric Everything for my answers to Raffy's questions! Head on there, right now!

    Oh, and I tag Ate Erika of The Nocturnal Fey and Ate Thera of Travel with Books and Coffee!

    I hope you like all the color backgrounds and borders going on and for today's title photo because that looks like easy but I instilled a lot of effort to do that! Haha.

    I hope you had a lovely time reading today's post and a new post will be up very soon!

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