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Saturday, August 2, 2014


Hi Guys! It's Saturday, the first day in a weekend! Today we'll have "Book Stores" to talk about to, interview, and many more!

Book Stores are very very very very important to us readers! There are Book Stores located on our provinces, cities, countries, etc. and those stores that can be seen in Social Medias such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Today we'll talk about and have @booktologyph - a bookshop that has 2315 followers on Instagram ( instagram.com/booktologyph ) and  has 925 likes on her Facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/booktologyph ).

(c) Owner. The official Facebook Page and Instagram Account of @booktologyph

Janine Carlos ( https://www.facebook.com/janine.carlos.9?fref=ts ) is the owner of the Booktologyph.

I haven't bought anything from her yet, but she has been receiving many positive feedbacks from here previous buyers.

(c) Booktologyph. Feedbacks given by her buyers.

Booktologyph sells books available and NOT AVAILABLE IN THE PHILIPPINES!

of course, i had an interview with her.

"What pushed you to sell books?" I asked.

"Hi. I was actually not planning on selling books.. I was only trying to get rid of my preloved books to make room for new ones.. But then a friend of mine plugged my ig acct to her 5k followers claiming I was selling books not here in the Philippines.. So I was not really planning it.. It just happened :$ And I decided to push through with it since my passion for reading books will surely be a plus  and I've gained A LOT of new friends thru this business " she replied.

"Why did you choose IG accounts for your shop instead of sulit?"

"i chose IG because its easy to handle/communicate with MOST of my clients have 2-3 ig accounts   Its very easy to manipulate and easy to post pictures  And to reach millions of people with just one click and hashtag " she replied.

"At first, were you hesitating to continue selling books on IG?"

"yes. Because I know I can't handle THAT BIG OF A RESPONSIBILITY on top of my Thesis and practicum I don't want to be branded as a bogus seller just because I can't deliver.  so I'm really trying my best to balance everything out." She replied.

"What do you think is the reason why you're shop has been receiving positive feedbacks based on your posts?"

"Well.. I think its because of the way I talk to people.. i know i may not see them personally but the way i communicate with them makes them see me as a very trustworthy person and not as a seller but as their LONG TIME FRIEND  that's my secret  (well not anymore) hahaha I treat my customers as my friends not clients " she honestly replied!

"Hahaha. What do you love most about selling books?" I asked.

"the touching the books I can never own part. hahaha whenever someone orders a special collectors edition or signed book OMG i dieeee when they get delivered to my house. I WANNA KIDNAP THEM. hahaha" she replied.

"Hahahahaha. What do you hate most about selling books?" I asked.

"THE IMPATIENT part. I just wanna bang my head 12u932749719371973 times against the wall whenever a buyer is IMPATIENT i mean i get the stocks from the USA not around the block. and especially if they are sooooooooo impatient with getting their books but TOO SLOW TO PAY.. I mean what am I supposed to do? pay for them? OMG I am ranting. hahaha"

"If you will convice a friend of yours to sell books like what you do, what will you tell him or her to convince him or her?"

"Nothing.. Honestly I don't like my friends being my "enemies" competition hahaha. They have to get their own business idea.. or better JOIN FORCES with me " she replied.

"Hahahahaha. What do you think makes you unique from the other shops?" I asked.

"the "FUN"ness.. The quirk I give out.. The attitude I portray when I talk to my customers. I respond in every way CALLS, TEXT, VIBE, IG COMMENT, FB COMMENT, FB messages NON- STOP.. sometimes til 3 if my eyes permits." She responded.

"Have you received negative feedbacks before? How do you handle it?" I asked.

"none yet. THANK GOD.  oh wait I had an encounter with a BOGUS BUYER so i dont think she counts. Since she was the one who bogused buy me " she responded.

"How did you manage all the hard work being a book seller?" I asked.

"NO SLEEP. joke. mmmmmmm lots of patience for answering inquiries. I mean I work with kids so I'm used to repetitive questions. " she replied.

"Oh. If you can change a thing with your shop what would it be? And why?" I asked.

"More attention to my FB page.. GET A FREAKING PARTNER coz I can't handle everything alone.. It really drives me crazy." She replied.

"Haha! Here's my last question, if you could bring three books (you, being a reader) in an island, what would you bring?" I asked.

"Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma
Killing Sarai- Redmerski
Slammed- Hoover"

"And why?" I asked.

3. LIFE CHANGING" she replied.

"Thank you for being part of my blog! You'll be on my "Saturdays with Book Stores" segment." I ended.

"YAYYYY. Thanks and doncha worry!" She ended.

This interview's a long one! Hope you enjoy it!

Don't forget to visit @booktologyph 's account and purchase some books you want! Her account's a BLAST!

Thank You!,

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