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Sunday, August 10, 2014


Hi Guys! It's weekends! Ofcourse, "Featured Bookstore" day!

Today, we'll have an awesome shop!

Non other than...


@ardentbookgeek !

Ardentbookgeek is an awesome IG book shop who has 6064 followers! 

(C) owner. @ardentbookgeek 's official IG Account. 

Samantha Ezra Lopez is the Owner of @ardentbookgeek .

I have not yet bought anything from her, but I'm sure she's legit.


Because I won a Giveaway from her shop! I won 11 different books from her!

(C) Owner. Books I personally received and won from @ardentbookgeek 's first ever giveaway.

I have asked her if she's available for interview and she allowed us! What a nice girl/lady/bookseller/etc. HAHAHA!

And here's how our interview was:

"Why did you sell books?" I started.

"I bought a 39 clues set online a year ago and it made me really happy. I decided to sell books after that because I wanted to buy a delirium set and that is actually the main reason in all this. Hahaha" she replied.

"HAHAHA. Why did you chose IG Shop instead of Sulit?" I asked.

"Hehe don't laugh at meeee :-) I chose Instagram because it's more accessible and more sosyal looking haha just kidding." She replied.

"Hahahaha. At first, were you hesitating to continue selling books? If yes or no, why?"

"I wont really use the word hesitate... I got into this business headfirst, I definitely did not hesitate, but I get scared sometimes because I'm really worried of getting a bad feedback. That's my only worry because I'm really scared of people that's why I'm really careful in doing transactions Hahaha"

"What do you think is the reason why you're shop has been receiving positive feedbacks based on your posts?"

"I'm not sure... Maybe it's just the idea of waking up and finding a parcel right in front of your doorstep containing books. What can I say, books make bookworms happy. I don't know really, I'm just glad they like it :-)" she replied.

"Hahaha. What do you love most about selling books?" I asked.

"I love that I love what I'm selling and that I get to hold them first before giving them to their new owner. It's like bestowing a gift to a friend. 💛"

"What do you hate most about selling books?"

"Wow strong word. Hahaha, I don't like it when people rush their orders (please don't hate me) hahaha I mean I understand them but it get's really stressful at times since I'm still a student and I do a lot of things outside selling books." She replied.

"If you will convice a friend of yours to sell books like what you do, what will you tell him or her to convince him or her?"

"I don't knooooow. I probably wont convince anyone of selling books, I'd convince them of reading instead hahaha" she replied.

"Hahahahaha. What do you think makes you unique from the other shops?" I asked.

"My shop is very artsy in my opinion hahaha only because I'm a fine arts student, I guess. And I can definitely say that I'm not just selling books, because I sometimes fangirl with my followers hahaha"

"Have you received negative feedbacks before? How do you handle it?"

"I haven't received any negative feedback yet thank God. But if ever I'll have one in the near future (I hope not) I'll be mature about it, chos! Hahaha I'll probably cry."

"Hahahaha! How did you manage all the hard work being a book seller?" I asked.

"Patience. I think. And love. I don't mean to sound cliche but it's true."

"If you can change a thing with your shop what would it be? And why?"

"I would probably change the pictures of the books that I'm selling because it's so low res hahaha Im really, really OC with my shop. I always repost photos and if you look closely, you'll see the pattern there. *And no, I wont tell you le pattern.* Hahaha"

"If you could bring three books (you, being a reader) in an island, what would you bring?" I asked.

"I'd bring Perks of being a wallflower, Mara Dyer and I wrote this for you. :-)"

"And why?"

"I'd bring Mara Dyer so I'll be with my boyfriend Noah Shaw. Perks of being a wallflower because it's my favorite. And I wrote this for you because I'm a sucker for sad poetry." She replied.

"Last question, If you could advertise your shop to our readers right now, what would you tell them?" 

"Visit my shop because 'we aim to please'. *Insert Christian Grey here* Hahahahaha" she replied.

"Hahahahahaha. Thank you for being part of my blog! You'll be on my "Weekends with Book Stores" segment That will be posted on Weekend! I'll send you a link once posted!" I ended.

"Thanks too!" She ended.

Thank you everyone! Hope you can share my blog to your friends!

Happy Week! 

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