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Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Hi Guys! So It's Wednesday!

This Day I would like to talk to you guys about a thing that I am sure almost every reader has:




For me, Bookmarks are one of the readers bestfriend. They help us, a lot!

I have tons of bookmarks and bookmarks wishlist!

Here they are!

(c) Owner.

(c) Owner.

I use my bookmarks to mark the last page I've read.

I use the post-its to mark the pages that I like most.

I also have made some DIY Bookmarks. HAHAHA.

Anyways, like every reader. I wish to have some bookmarks too!

1. The Finger Bookmarks


I don't know these bookmarks are super cool! You can point the exact line where you've stopped!

2. The Help Me Bookmarks

(c) Owner.

These bookmarks are cool! Aren't they?

P.S. If you have these bookmarks, and you sell them. Just contact me! Wahahahaha.

Share yours too! You can comment below anytime!

Thank you for visiting Reading with Luigi!

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