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Friday, March 18, 2016


~ Welcome to Day 1 of #29DaysWithLuigi ~

Now, you may be wondering, what exactly is #29DaysWithLuigi ? Today's post will be dedicated in explaining and me being excited about this event that starts today, the 17th of March, 2016.

Let's begin!

What is #29DaysWithLuigi ?

As the name and the official hashtag of this event says, #29DaysWithLuigi is a 29-day event which will have different book reviews, rants, guest posts, giveaways, and a whole lot more. This event will take place on all of my public social media accounts. The main social media sites that will be used on this event is my book blog, which is basically this blog, and my personal blog over at wordpress. I would also utilize my bookstagram account (@readingwithluigi), twitter handle (@readingwluigi), and facebook page (Reading with Luigi) to be able to expand this celebration. So make sure, that you are following me on these social media accounts to be updated!

Although, I make no promises that the said event will exactly be 29 Days. I will try to keep it as close to 29 days as possible, but my personal life would probably interrupt. *crosses fingers*

And the sole reason of this event is to celebrate my upcoming birthday this March 29!

And yes, if you are wondering, this was inspired from Zoella's #24DaysofZoella. Giving all the thanks to her!

What will #29DaysWithLuigi contain?

#29DaysWIthLuigi will contain lots of amazing, interesting and possibly boring (haha) posts! As of now, I have some planned post that will include book tags, book reviews, book rants, book giveaways, guest giveaways, rants, and reading updates. There are more to come tho, I only have planned about one-fourth to one-half of the event so there are really more to come!

When will this event happen?

As you have read above, this event will take place before, during, and after my birthday. 

#29DaysWithLuigi will take place from March 18, Friday - April 15, Thursday. There will be no specific time on which a post will be put up online, it all depends on how things will go. But expect it to be posted on a reasonable time and not like 12 midnight or 5 in the morning.

There will be daily posts (assuming that I could stick with my schedule) up on a certain social media account depending on the content of the post.

Who can participate in this event?

Everyone can participate in this event! Bookworms, book freaks, book lions, readers, or even non-readers (although that would be totally weird) can participate! There will be discussions and rants with my opinion on it which we can discuss in the comments section! There will be different things you could read and like! And, if you have something you'd like to contribute to my event, feel free to do so, it would mean a lot!

But sadly, as of now, all of the planned Giveaways will be available for Philippine Residents only. I'm very sorry but international rates are just very pricey and It would cost me a lot. 


And that is it for the Information and Introduction part of my #29DaysWithLuigi! I hope you'd be interested to read and take part of this sort-of event that I have. I will be having the blog giveaway post up tomorrow, so you'll read from me again soon...

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